Aerosolpartikel und ihre Ausbreitung - Wissenschaftliches Netzwerk zur Unterstützung des interdisziplinären Austausches in der DFG Fokusförderung COVID-19

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Aerosol Particles and their Dispersion - Scientific Network to Support Interdisciplinary Exchange in the DFG Focus Funding COVID-19
Funding Code
SCHL 617/25-1
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Project Abstract
During the Corona pandemic, it became clear that aerosols contribute significantly to the infection process, but their propagation kinetics and ageing in connection with the infectivity of the virus are still largely unknown scientifically. In particular questions on the formation of aerosol particles during breathing, speaking, coughing and sneezing, as well as theirkinetics and dispersal dynamics (turbulent mixing) in rooms have so far remained largely unanswered. In addition, there are still many uncertainties regarding the efficientremoval of aerosol particles from indoor air and the infectivity of aerosol-borne viruses as well as their possible inactivation by means of multiphysical approaches (radiation, charge, temperature, etc.). The deposition and transport of aerosol particles in the respiratory tract is also largely unexplored. To support the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, the DFG initiated a focus funding COVID-19 "Aerosol particles and their dispersion", in the framework of which 15 projects will be funded. Within the scope of the focus funding, the projects are expected to use model systems (e.g. virus-like particles) that can be transferred to SARS-CoV-2, and an interdisciplinary cooperation between engineering and/or life sciences. This scientific network is intended to support interdisciplinary exchange in the "DFG-Fokusförderung" program. Furthermore, the networking should enable the initiation of a DFG priority program for the interdisciplinary investigation of virus-carrying aerosols.