Enzymkatalysierte Reaktivrektifikation: Erweiterung auf chemoenzymatische Reaktionssequenzen

Project Title
Enzyme-catalyzed reactive distillation: extension to multistep chemoenzymatic processes
Funding Code
SM 82/9-3 und LI 899/8-3
Principal Investigator
Project Abstract
In our past project the general feasibility of enzymatic reactions in reactive distillation processes was demonstrated. In the next project period we aim to make a further step and to prove the feasibility of multistep chemoenzymatic reaction systems in reactive distillation processes, integrating a chemically catalyzed racemization with a biochemically catalyzed kinetic resolution. This resulting type of a dynamic resolution is highly important e.g. for the pharmaceutical production. Due to the increased complexity of the process with two parallel reactions in an integrated setup, inline analytics based on FTIR spectroscopy will be used to control strategies for this process. Overall, the implementation of multistep (chemo)enzymatic processes in a reactive distillation will be proved and described within a process model.


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