Design und Analyse von Wellenenergiekonvertern

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Design and Analysis of Wave Energy Converter
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In the age of energy transition, renewable energies are playing an increasingly important role. As a result of this, hydropower, solar and wind energy are becoming more important. In addition to these well-known examples of renewable energies, there is also the possibility to generate energy from ocean waves. Thereby, mechanical systems are positioned on the sea surface, which are subjected to an up and down movement by the arising waves. An internally installed electrical generator converts then this movement into electrical voltage. Since wave energy has a notably high power density compared to wind and solar energy, it has been recognized as one very promising resource of renewable energies.

In order to be able to generate as much energy as possible, mechanical systems have to be constructed in such a way that they experience a large movement by the incoming waves. For this purpose, it must be clarified which waves arise in the open sea and which forces they affect on a given mechanical system. At the Institute of Mechanics and Ocean Engineering, two systems are available for which this has to be investigated.


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