Modellierung, Simulation und experimentelle Untersuchung von Kabeln

Project Title
Modelling, simulation and experimental investigation of cables
Funding Code
DU 405/14-1
Principal Investigator
Project Abstract
This project aims at a detailed experimental characterization and simulation of the multiaxial deformation behavior of cables undergoing finite deformations and contact. Cables show anisotropic and inelastic behavior under load as their structure consists of at least two layers of different kinds of materials. Even though their main purpose is to conduct electric current or other media, their mechanical properties gain importance since they determine the durability and lifetime of a cable. Moreover, situations where the cable has contact to or slides over another part occur often during assembly. Therefore, this proposal deals on one hand with basic experiments that allow for the investigation of inelastic and anisotropic behavior of cables under multiaxial deformations, e.g. combining bending and torsion. On the other hand, a new type of experiment will be realized where application-related contact problems, such as bending of a cable with contact and friction, can be investigated. During this project, numerical experiments using an anisotropic finite element formulation will be executed. Therefore, the cables will be discretized with finite elements of higher order which are suitable to represent the long and slender structure of a cable very well. The anisotropic deformation behavior of cables under load will be described with an anisotropic constitutive law valid for finite deformations and elastoplastic behavior. A contact formulation will be developed and implemented to simulate the application-related load cases of cables in contact with a contact partner. The main objective of this project is the ideal combination of experiments and numerical formulations in order to simulate the anisotropic and inelastic behavior of cables under load realistically.