Modellbasierte Auftragsannahme und -terminierung

Project Title
Model-based order acceptance and scheduling
Funding Code
LO 858/19-1
Principal Investigator
Project Abstract
For make-to-order companies, order acceptance and scheduling is a very important task. It determines the confirmed delivery dates for the customers and effects crucial performance indicators as the turnover, delivery times and schedule reliability of the company and the utilization of the production department.At the same time, order acceptance and scheduling is highly affected by uncertainty, as the acceptance quota of the offers varies and the detailed load for manufacturing is determined by production engineering and is therefore unknown at the time of confirming the delivery date. The goal of the research project is to describe the effect of order acceptance and scheduling on the logistical target criteria delivery time, schedule reliability and utilization for the first time in a mathematical model. The model shall then be used to develop a simple order acceptance and scheduling method, which will allow companies to determine reliable delivery dates and to utilize their production capacities as much as possible. Both the modelling as the method shall be quantitatively evaluated in systematic simulation experiments.