Modellierung des Einflusses der Chargenbildung auf die logistischen Zielgrößen

Project Title
Modeling the influence of batch processes on the logistic objectives
Funding Code
LO 858/15-1
Principal Investigator
Project Abstract
Companies with a simultaneous batch production often face the problem of long throughput times, high WIP levels and low schedule reliability both at the batch workstation and at the directly following workstations. Up to now no model exists that describes the impact of a simultaneous batch production on the logistic objectives with a general validity. The research project therefore aims at the development of such models: logistic operating curves shall display the logistic objectives output rate and throughput time as a function of the mean WIP depending on parameters like batch size and number of batch types. Furthermore the influence of batching on the schedule reliability shall be investigated and modelled.The overall research goal is to be reached by a deductive-experimental model design. In accordance to the logistic operating curves an ideal production process has to be described and modelled with the help of approximation curves. The accuracy of the modelled operating curves shall be improved by including empiric parameters.The validity of approximation equations is to be verified by the comparison of simulated with calculated values applying a systematic experimental design.