Erweiterung der Möglichkeiten des linearen Netzwerkprogramms CONCIRC

Project Title
Extending the Possibilities of the Linear Network Solver CONCIRC
Principal Investigator
Project Abstract
In practice it is helpful in many cases to be able to display system responses not only as a function of frequency. Therefore the program has been extended such that it is now also possible to compute output quantities as a function of varying element values. In this context it has to be emphasized that all input quantities can be parameterized, i.e. in addition to the standard quantities R, L, C also the distributed inductance per unit length or capacitance per unit length, characteristic impedances or the control quantities of controlled current or voltage sources and so on.

Furthermore the computation of S-parameters has been enabled based on the underlying MNA algorithm. For this purpose a special port element has been introduced. The circuit under investigation is allowed to contain all available elements of the program except for active voltage or current sources. As an example the computed S-parameters of a Wilkinson power divider are shown in the figure below. The divider is dimensioned for an operating frequency of 100 MHz.