Vorhersage der elektromagnetischen Biokompatibilität von Implantaten im menschlichen Gehirn

Project Title
Prediction of the Electromagnetic Biocompatibility of Human Brain Implants
Principal Investigator
Co Principal Investigator
Yang, Cheng
Schierholz, Christian Morten
Project Abstract
Modelling and simulating implants before they are used in the human body is an important aspect to ensure the safety and quality of the device. Multiple organizations as the IEEE or ICNIRP provide guidelines with regard to safety constraints of electrical devices near on inside the human body distinguishing between different body parts. Staying within the given boundaries is important to not harm the body tissue. One common figure of merit is the specific absorption ratio (SAR) which is the power emitted by the implant into a certain mass of body tissue.
Simulating the brain implant with the different tissue layers of the human brain is a challenging task due to different electromagnetic properties of the tissues and a strong frequency dependency. Furthermore the resulting large wavelength compared with the dimension of the implant from the frequencies up to 100 MHz introduces an additional challenge due to the interest of the accurate near field behavior.
This project focusses on the verified simulation of the brain implant in the human body. Therefore a cross validation approach is pursued with a combination of analytical methods as well as time domain and frequency domain electromagnetic field solvers.