Hochfrequenz-Messung und -Modellierung von miniaturisierten Komponenten für High-Speed Anwendungen

Project Title
Radio Frequency Measurement and Modeling of Miniaturized Components for High-Speed Applications
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Project Abstract
With increasing development of high-speed and high-integration electric and electronic systems, miniaturized components, for example, surface mounted device (SMD) capacitors, diodes, transistors and monolithic microwave integrated circuit (MMIC), are widely used in distributed radio frequency (RF) designs. As a result, accurate modeling of the impedance characteristic for miniaturized components becomes a concern in final designs.

This project co-funded by DAAD and CSC aims at developing parameterized, scalable model generation illustrated in the figure below. The key research fields are: (1) identification of major parasitic effects, (2) de-embedding/calibration techniques for both simulation and measurements, and (3) automated model synthesis.