I³-Project - Selective Oxy-anion Removal from Drinking Waters by modified Hollow Fiber Membranes

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Selective Oxy-anion Removal from Drinking Waters by modified Hollow Fiber Membranes
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In 2020, 30% of the world population had no access to safe and clean drinking water supply. Some of the rreasons for this are microbiological pollution and the presence of arsenate and other heavy metals in raw water sources. High concentration of arsenate in ground water is a health problem for more than 300 million people in 100 countries in the world. Related to arsenate, chromate is another geogene pollutant that causes problems for the water supply of millions people worldwide. Both substances belong to the chemical group of the oxyanions (HAsO42-, CrO42-) and are highly carcinogenic and listed as most hazardous health issues by the WHO (World Heath Organization). Due the negative charge of this substances, ion exchange is a possible technology of the treatment of this raw water. However, this technology is technically complicated as well as cost and energy intensive.


Goal of this project is the development of a new ultrafiltration membrane which is capable of rejecting microbiological pollutants as well as remove oxyanions by adsorption onto the membrane material. For this, the Institute for Water Resources and Water Supply (TUHH) and the Institute for Polymer Research (HZG) will collaborate interdisciplinary to develop a functionalized polymer membrane. The novel membrane should be able to remove particular substances due its small pore size (10-30 nm) and operate at moderate pressures of max. 0.3 bar. The membrane will be modified with anion exchange groups to create a selective adsorption capacity for arsenate and chromate ions. Due to a periodic backwash, particular fouling will be removed and anion exchange groups will be regenerated. By this technology, only a single filtration is necessary to produce microbiologically safe and oxyanion-free drinking water.


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