Osmotische Prozesse im System zementärer Werkstoff - Reaktionsharzbeschichtung

Project Title
Osmotic processes in the system cementitious material - coating with cold-curing resin
Funding Code
SCHM 1473/32-1
Principal Investigator
Project Abstract
In the project investigations on osmotic processes in the system cementitious material – coating with cold-curing resin are planned. Hypothesis is, that the action of the cementitious material as a semipermeable membrane together with the coating under certain conditions of composition, moisture transport and transport of chemical species leads to damages. At first the project covers investigations on resin systems as well as investigations on cementitious materials used as substrate for such coatings. Afterwards composite specimens of both components are examined under different conditions, relevant for practise. The experimental investigations are accompanied and supported by transport-reaction simulations of single experiments. These simulations are used to better understand part processes of the problem, that are not simply accessible by laboratory methods. On the other hand deficits in the understanding of the processes become obviously, if experimental results cannot be reproduced by the simulations. The applicants will provide recommendations to avoid blistering under different conditions, based on the new experiences on osmotic processes in composites made of cementitious materials and coatings with cold-curing resin. Parametres increasing the damage risk should be identified on the basis of experiments with precisely defined conditions. Both applicants introduce different expert's assessment in the project. The main focus of the applicant Schmidt-Döhl is the contribution of cementitious materials to osmotic processes and the transport-reaction simulation. The main focus of the applicant Osburg are the resin systems and the experiments with the composite species with cementitious material and resin.