Regelung eines nichtlinearen Vibrator-Profil-Systems beim Eindringen in den heterogenen Untergrund

Project Acronym
Project Title
Closed-loop control of a nonlinear vibrator-profile system penetrating a heterogeneous ground
Funding Code
GR 1024/50-1
Principal Investigator
Williams Riquer, Francisco
Project Abstract
This research project aims to develop a nonlinear closed-loop controller to optimize the vibrodriving process, minimizing the installation time and the vibrations transmitted to the surroundings. Therefore, a simplified nonlinear mechanical model describing the vibrator-pile-soil interaction will be developed and simulated. From the simplified mechanical model, a controller is derived and tested in simulation. The construction of an experimental set-up representing the vibrodriving process is planned. In the experimental set-up, the derived controller will be tested for different soil conditions and pile profiles. Afterward, numerical simulations will be conducted to assess the extension of the results in the model to real-life scenarios, and an extra degree of freedom considering the control of the eccentric moment is considered.