Entwicklung und Erprobung der integrierten Reaktion und Katalysatorabtrennung zur homogen katalysierten reduktiven Aminierung und Hydroaminomethylierung langkettiger Alkene in einer Miniplant (D03*)

Project Title
Development and testing of integrated reaction and catalyst separation for the homogeneously cata-lyzed reductive amination and hydraminomethylation of long-chain alkenes in a miniplant (D03*)
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Project Abstract
Subproject of TRR 63: Integrated Chemical Processes in Liquid Multiphase Systems

Making use of TMS and ONF for integrated catalyst recycling D3 N will realize the homogeneously catalyzed reductive amination (RA) and hydroaminomethylation (HAM) of long chain aldehydes and alkenes, respectively, in a continuously operated miniplant. Membrane-based separation concepts will also be developed and tested for the exclusion of water formed during the reaction. Long-term exper-imental investigations will be performed providing models suitable for process optimization in B9 N and D1 N. A non-invasive online measurement by in-situ IR spectroscopy will be developed to im-prove process insight and foster process control (D4 N).


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