SFB 986: Teilprojekt C10 - Photonische Metamaterialien mit anpassbarer und schaltbarer Anisotropie durch Funktionalisierung von porösen Festkörpern mit Flüssigkristallen

Project Title
SFB 986: Subproject C10 - Photonic Metamaterials with Adjustable and Switchable Anisotropy by Functionalization of Porous Solids with Liquid Crystals
Principal Investigator
Project Abstract
In this project, liquid crystals are to be combined with the self-organized nanoporosity in solids of silicon, quartz glass and anodically oxidized aluminum (AA0) to design optical materials with adjustable and switchable linear and circular birefringence. Thermotropic chiral and achiral systems of rod and disc-shaped molecules are investigated as liquid crystalline systems. On the one hand, the fundamental understanding of the self-assembly of these mesogens in porous media will be expanded. On the other hand, it will be investigated from a materials science point of view how porosity on the meso- and macroscale in solids can be combined with soft matter to produce mechanically robust 3-D photonic metamaterials.


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Issue DateTitleTypeAuthor(s)
15-Jul-2022On the issue of textured crystallization of Ba(NO₃)₂ in mesoporous SiO₂: Raman spectroscopy and lattice dynamics analysisArticleShchur, Yaroslav ; Beltramo, Guillermo ; Andrushchak, Anatoliy ; Vitusevich, Svetlana ; Huber, Patrick  ; Adamiv, Volodymyr ; Teslyuk, Ihor ; Boichuk, Nazarii ; Kityk, Andriy V. 
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45-Jul-2021Paraelectric KH₂PO₄ nanocrystals in monolithic mesoporous silica: Structure and lattice dynamicsArticleShchur, Yaroslav ; Kityk, Andriy V. ; Strelchuk, Viktor V. ; Nikolenko, Andrii S. ; Andrushchak, Nazariy A. ; Huber, Patrick  ; Andrushchak, Anatoliy 
515-Feb-2021Anisotropic Confinement of Chromophores Induces Second-Order Nonlinear Optics in a Nanoporous Photonic MetamaterialArticleWaszkowska, Karolina ; Josse, Pierre ; Cabanetos, Clement ; Blanchard, Philippe ; Sahraoui, Bouchta ; Guichaoua, Dominique ; Syvorotka, Igor ; Kityk, Olha ; Wielgosz, Robert ; Huber, Patrick  ; Kityk, Andriy V. 
62021Adsorption from binary liquid solutions into mesoporous silica: a capacitance isotherm on 5CB nematogen/cyclohexane mixturesArticleKityk, Andriy V. ; Gor, Gennady ; Huber, Patrick  
71-Dec-2020Fulltext availableOpen AccessPrecursor film spreading during liquid imbibition in nanoporous photonic crystalsArticleCencha, Luisa G. ; Dittrich, Guido ; Huber, Patrick  ; Berli, Claudio L. A. ; Urteaga, Raul