Klimaresilientes Management für sichere desinfizierte und nicht-desinfizierte Wasserversorgungssysteme

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Climate-resilient management for safe disinfected and non-disinfected water supply systems
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No 10108190
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Horizon Europe
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Project Abstract

Climate change poses major challenges for the drinking water supply in Europe. With rising water temperatures and increasing heavy rainfall events, higher amounts of organic substances and microorganisms will also be present in raw water. Well-established processes that have so far guaranteed high drinking water quality will have to be changed and adapted. In southern Europe, disinfection of drinking water is already necessary today. It is possible that even northern European water suppliers will have to use disinfection in the future.


One focus of SafeCREW will be the investigation of previously unknown disinfection by-products and the further characterisation of already known ones and their formation. With the results, the participating companies intend to develop commercially available methods of quantifying and reducing these by-products so that negative effects on human health can be prevented.
The SafeCREW consortium will use three case studies in northern Germany, Italy and Spain to drive the further characterisation of water quality, and develop new water treatment methods and better management of water distribution networks to maintain high drinking water quality. This will include all processes from source via treatment and up to distribution.
Besides the project coordination, the focus of our research institute within the project is on the chemical-free removal of natural organic matter to prevent formation of disinfection by-products. For this purpose, Ultrafiltration with electro-conductive membranes will be further developed. We are also involved in the development of a passive sampler for pathogen monitoring in water distribution networks and in characterization of natural organic matter.