Entwurf von High-Speed Interconnects für Gbps-Verbindungen im Automobilbereich

Project Title
High Speed Automotive Interconnect Design for Gbps Links
Principal Investigator
Funding Organization
Robert Bosch GmbH
Project Abstract
High-speed interconnect design for wired links in digital systems has been a well-established field of research and innovation for several decades now. In contrast, automotive high-speed interconnects have only recently advanced to higher and higher data rates. Correspondingly, models for components specific to automotive interconnects have not been created or validated to a large extent nor has a sufficient model-to-hardware correlation been established. In addition, automotive high-speed interconnects must fulfill strict requirements regarding electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) regulations. This project aims to develop high-speed interconnect models used in automotive applications on a system level. These models will be adapted to analyze printed circuit board (PCBs) stack-ups used in automotive applications in combination with assembly and interconnection technologies (AITs) and provide insight of the Signal Integrity performance of high-speed links in harsh automotive environmental standards to have a functional system which fulfill the electrical performance as well as reliability requirements.