Modellierung und Optimierung von Ultra-High-Speed Interconects

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Research and Modelling of Ultra-High-Speed Interconects
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Project Abstract
The expansion of information networks such as the industrial Internet of Things (IoT) is creating an ever-increasing demand for data. This logically generates a demand for data generation, processing, storage and data transport between these steps. This project is investigating ways to ensure fast data transport. The goal is to model “Ultra-High-Speed Interconnects” that enable data transmission of more than 100 Gbps per data link. These links usually consist of two components. One is the physical channel and the other is an I/O structure. In addition, challenges arise in the form of losses due to the materials used and other disturbances that must also be taken into account. Among other things, the influence of different equalization will be investigated and adapted to physical models of the channel. For this purpose, it is planned to use machine learning methods, e.g. to be able to make predictions about possible design parameters for these Ultra-High-Speed Interconnects.