Simulation und Analyse der hydrologischen und morphologischen Entwicklung der Tideelbe für den Zeitraum von 2013 bis 2018; Messungen in der Natur und experimentelle Untersuchungen im Labor

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Simulation and analysis of the hydrological and morphological development of the tidal river Elbe for the period 2013 to 2018
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MARE:N Küstenforschung KFKI
Project Abstract
Within the overall ELMOD project, the sub-project of TUHH aims to improve the understanding of transport processes in the bottom boundary layer with a focus on the time-dependent change in erosion and deposition properties of freshly deposited fine sediments under tidal influence. For this purpose, exper-imental investigations of sedimentological phenomena in the laboratory and measurements in nature are carried out. Consolidation and erosion experi-ments are conducted on sediment samples from the tidal river Elbe to deter-mine data and parameterisations required for modelling. Furthermore, meas-urements in the area of sedimentation focal points of the tidal river Elbe will be used to the transport processes in the bottom boundary layer will be inves-tigated in more detail.