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Title: Data from in situ X-ray CT imaging of transient water retention experiments with cyclic drainage and imbibition
Language: English
Authors: Milatz, Marius  
Andò, Edward 
Viggiani, Gioacchino 
Keywords: Unsaturated granular soils; Water retention behaviour; Transient flow experiments; X-ray computed tomography (X-ray CT)
Issue Date: 26-Apr-2022
Technical Info: 
The data contain 3D tiff images from CT scans, which can be opened using an image reader, e. g., the open-source image processing software Fiji (ImageJ). Further experimental data are stored in simple data or text files which can be read using a dedicated text editor. Data can be visualised and plotted using the accompanying Python scripts in conjunction with matplotlib and numpy.
Abstract (english): 
This data set contains research data related to the article "In situ X-ray CT imaging of transient water retention experiments with cyclic drainage and imbibition" to be published in the Journal Open Geomechanics. The research data include 3D CT images acquired during cyclic drainage and imbibition of a sand specimen in a transient in situ water retention experiment that was run in the X-ray tomograph at Laboratoire 3SR at Univ. Grenoble Alpes. Besides the CT images, also data from the multiphase image analysis as well as macroscopic water retention data, measured in parallel to the CT scans, are published.
DOI: 10.15480/336.4291
Institute: Geotechnik und Baubetrieb B-5 
Document Type: Dataset
Project: Graduiertenkolleg 2462: Prozesse in natürlichen und technischen Partikel-Fluid-Systemen 
Funded by: Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) 
License: CC0 1.0 (Public Domain Dedication) CC0 1.0 (Public Domain Dedication)
Is referenced by: 10.15480/336.4364
Appears in Collections:Research Data TUHH

Files in This Item:
File Description SizeFormat
readme.txtMetadata describing the data in this repository5,3 kBTextView/Open
WRC_Test_HH_Sand_21_07_2019_002.csvMacroscopic water retention data measured during cyclic drainage and imbibition and CT scans32,01 MBCSVView/Open
Test_info_WRC_Test_HH_Sand_21_07_2019_002.csvFile containing information on the experimental settings4,75 kBCSVView/Open
Plot_WRC.pyPython script for visualising the macroscopic water retention curve42,11 kBPythonView/Open
Sr_vs_t.pdfResults of water retention experiment20,97 kBAdobe PDFView/Open
s_vs_t.pdfResults of water retention experiment84,01 kBAdobe PDFView/Open
WRC.pdfResults of water retention experiment134,87 kBAdobe PDFView/Open
Interfacial_area_data.txtInterfacial area data1,74 kBTextView/Open
Contact_line_data.txtContact line data555 BTextView/Open
Plot_Interfacial_Areas_and_Contact_Line.pyPython script for visualising interfacial area and contact line data12,18 kBPythonView/Open
a_nw_vs_s_CT.pdfResults of interfacial area measurement20,58 kBAdobe PDFView/Open
a_nw_vs_Sr_CT.pdfResults of interfacial area measurement20,43 kBAdobe PDFView/Open
a_sw_vs_s_CT.pdfResults of interfacial area measurement21,73 kBAdobe PDFView/Open
a_sw_vs_Sr_CT.pdfResults of interfacial area measurement21,22 kBAdobe PDFView/Open
l_c_vs_s_CT.pdfResults of contact line measurement21,14 kBAdobe PDFView/Open
l_c_vs_Sr_CT.pdfResults of contact line measurement20,69 kBAdobe PDFView/Open
Contact_angle_and_radii_of_curvature_data.txtContact angle and radii of curvature data9,97 kBTextView/Open
Plot_contact_angles_and_radii_of_curvature.pyPython script for visualising the measured contact angle and radii of curvature data and for evaluation of capillary pressures by means of the Young-Laplace equation25,94 kBPythonView/Open
contact_angles_vs_steps_CT.pdfResults of contact angle and radii of curvature measurement23,01 kBAdobe PDFView/Open
histogram_of_contact_angles_CT.pdfResults of contact angle and radii of curvature measurement16,98 kBAdobe PDFView/Open
capillary_pressure_vs_steps_CT.pdfResults of contact angle and radii of curvature measurement23,32 kBAdobe PDFView/Open
capillary_pressure_vs_contact_angle_regression_CT.pdfResults of contact angle and radii of curvature measurement25,32 kBAdobe PDFView/Open
radius_of_curvature_vs_steps_CT.pdfResults of contact angle and radii of curvature measurement20,42 kBAdobe PDFView/Open
radius_of_curvature_vs_contact_angle_CT.pdfResults of contact angle and radii of curvature measurement24,3 kBAdobe PDFView/Open
CT_data_sand_00.tifCT data4,28 GBTIFFView/Open
CT_data_sand_01.tifCT data4,28 GBTIFFView/Open
CT_data_sand_02.tifCT data4,28 GBTIFFView/Open
CT_data_sand_03.tifCT data4,28 GBTIFFView/Open
CT_data_sand_04.tifCT data4,28 GBTIFFView/Open
CT_data_sand_05.tifCT data4,28 GBTIFFView/Open
CT_data_sand_06.tifCT data4,28 GBTIFFView/Open
CT_data_sand_07.tifCT data4,28 GBTIFFView/Open
CT_data_sand_08.tifCT data4,28 GBTIFFView/Open
CT_data_sand_09.tifCT data4,28 GBTIFFView/Open
CT_data_sand_10.tifCT data4,28 GBTIFFView/Open
CT_data_sand_11.tifCT data4,28 GBTIFFView/Open
CT_data_sand_12.tifCT data4,28 GBTIFFView/Open
CT_data_sand_13.tifCT data4,28 GBTIFFView/Open
CT_data_sand_14.tifCT data4,28 GBTIFFView/Open
CT_data_sand_15.tifCT data4,28 GBTIFFView/Open
CT_data_sand_16.tifCT data4,28 GBTIFFView/Open
CT_data_sand_17.tifCT data4,28 GBTIFFView/Open
CT_data_sand_18.tifCT data4,28 GBTIFFView/Open
CT_data_sand_19.tifCT data4,28 GBTIFFView/Open
CT_data_sand_segmented_00.tifSegmented CT data60,94 MBTIFFView/Open
CT_data_sand_segmented_01.tifSegmented CT data65,76 MBTIFFView/Open
CT_data_sand_segmented_02.tifSegmented CT data65,76 MBTIFFView/Open
CT_data_sand_segmented_03.tifSegmented CT data67,87 MBTIFFView/Open
CT_data_sand_segmented_04.tifSegmented CT data70,02 MBTIFFView/Open
CT_data_sand_segmented_05.tifSegmented CT data69,16 MBTIFFView/Open
CT_data_sand_segmented_06.tifSegmented CT data69,7 MBTIFFView/Open
CT_data_sand_segmented_07.tifSegmented CT data68,44 MBTIFFView/Open
CT_data_sand_segmented_08.tifSegmented CT data66,46 MBTIFFView/Open
CT_data_sand_segmented_09.tifSegmented CT data64,85 MBTIFFView/Open
CT_data_sand_segmented_10.tifSegmented CT data65,87 MBTIFFView/Open
CT_data_sand_segmented_11.tifSegmented CT data68,21 MBTIFFView/Open
CT_data_sand_segmented_12.tifSegmented CT data68,8 MBTIFFView/Open
CT_data_sand_segmented_13.tifSegmented CT data68,99 MBTIFFView/Open
CT_data_sand_segmented_14.tifSegmented CT data66,95 MBTIFFView/Open
CT_data_sand_segmented_15.tifSegmented CT data68,08 MBTIFFView/Open
CT_data_sand_segmented_16.tifSegmented CT data68,51 MBTIFFView/Open
CT_data_sand_segmented_17.tifSegmented CT data69,17 MBTIFFView/Open
CT_data_sand_segmented_18.tifSegmented CT data68,68 MBTIFFView/Open
CT_data_sand_segmented_19.tifSegmented CT data68,77 MBTIFFView/Open
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