Publisher DOI: 10.18416/ijmpi.2022.2203056
Title: MPI tracer interactions and their effect on signal stability
Language: English
Authors: Moor, Lorena 
Scheibler, Subas 
Gerken, Lukas 
Scheffler, Konrad 
Thieben, Florian  
Knopp, Tobias 
Herrmann, Inge 
Starsich, Fabian 
Issue Date: 2022
Source: International Journal on Magnetic Particle Imaging 8 (1) : 2203056 (2022)
Journal: International journal on magnetic particle imaging 
Abstract (english): 
Nanoparticles tend to agglomerate following their in vivo or in vitro application. This leads to particle interaction and, for magnetic particle imaging (MPI) tracers, to magnetic coupling phenomena. Here, we investigate these effects and their influence on magnetic particle spectroscopy (MPS) and MPI signal stability. Highly magnetic flame-made Zn-ferrites with controlled interparticle distance are suggested as a stable MPI tracer system. Due to their pre-aggregated morphology, additional agglomeration does not substantially alter their magnetic response. This is in strong contrast to frequently investigated polymer-coated iron oxide nanoparticles, which show a massive MPS signal loss in a biologically relevant dispersion medium compared to water. This effect is also shown during MPI and renders these tracers inapplicable to further applications. Our flame-made Zn-ferrites, on the other hand, show sufficient signal stability, which allows their detailed quantification via MPI.
ISSN: 2365-9033
Institute: Biomedizinische Bildgebung E-5 
Document Type: Article
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