Publisher DOI: 10.1007/s00449-022-02841-6
Title: Electrochemically mediated bioconversion and integrated purification greatly enhanced co-production of 1,3-propanediol and organic acids from glycerol in an industrial bioprocess
Language: English
Authors: Zhang, Chijian 
Traitrongsat, Pawin 
Zeng, An-Ping  
Keywords: 1,3-propanediol; Clostridium pasteurianum; Co-production; Electro-fermentation; Organic acid esters
Issue Date: 17-Jan-2023
Publisher: Springer
Source: Bioprocess and Biosystems Engineering 46 (4): 565-575 (2023-04-01)
Abstract (english): 
In this study, we show how electrochemically mediated bioconversion can greatly increase the co-production of 1,3-propanediol and organic acids from glycerol in an industrial bioprocess using a Clostridum pasteurianum mutant. Remarkably, an enhanced butyrate formation was observed due to a weakened butanol pathway of the mutant. This allowed the strain to have a higher ATP generation for an enhanced growth, higher glycerol consumption and PDO production. The PDO titer reached as high as 120.67 g/L at a cathodic current of -400 mA, which is 33% higher than that without electricity, with a concurrent increase of butyric acid by 80%. To fully recover the increased PDO and organic acids, a novel downstream process combining thin film evaporation of PDO and esterification of organic acids with ethanol was developed. This enables the efficient co-production of PDO, ethyl acetate and ethyl butyrate with a high overall carbon use of 87%.
ISSN: 1615-7605
Journal: Bioprocess and biosystems engineering 
Institute: Bioprozess- und Biosystemtechnik V-1 
Document Type: Article
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