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Verlagslink DOI: 10.1016/j.actamat.2018.03.018
Titel: A geometric model for the fracture toughness of porous materials
Sprache: English
Autor/Autorin: Jelitto, Hans 
Schneider, Gerold A. 
Schlagwörter: fracture toughness;toughness;elastic properties;porosity;modeling
Erscheinungsdatum: 1-Jun-2018
Verlag: Elsevier
Quellenangabe: Acta Materialia (151): 443-453 (2018)
Zeitschrift oder Schriftenreihe: Acta materialia 
Zusammenfassung (englisch): Different models for the fracture toughness, KIC, of porous materials have been proposed to describe KIC as a function of the porosity P. They have in common that beside P at least one additional parameter exists that has to be adjusted to the measured data. Based on the cubic structure, we present a geometrical 3D model without any arbitrary parameter, which predicts the KIC the toughness, GC, and the Young's modulus, E, of a porous material. The model comprises three variants, depending on the material properties like open or closed porosity. It is in good agreement with a large amount of experimental data from different research groups.
URI: http://tubdok.tub.tuhh.de/handle/11420/1733
DOI: 10.15480/882.1730
ISSN: 1359-6454
Institut: Keramische Hochleistungswerkstoffe M-9 
Dokumenttyp: (wissenschaftlicher) Artikel
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