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Collection's Items (Sorted by Einreichdatum in Absteigend order): 1 to 20 of 2003
1-Jan-2013Flue gas concentrations and efficiencies of a coal-fired Oxyfuel power plant with circulating fluidised bed combustionWeng, Matthias ; Günther, Claas ; Kather, Alfons 
2013Modeling of delamination during milling of unidirectional CFRPHintze, Wolfgang ; Hartmann, Dirk 
28-Jan-2019Determination of flow parameters of a water flow around an AUV bodyHoth, Julian  ; Kowalczyk, Wojciech 
1-Feb-2019Carbon nanoparticles’ impact on processability and physical properties of epoxy resins : a comprehensive study covering rheological, electrical, thermo-mechanical, and fracture properties (mode I and II)Meeuw, Hauke  ; Körbelin, Johann ; Wisniewski, Valea Kim ; Nia, Ali Shaygan ; Romaní Vázquez, Adrián ; Lohe, Martin Rudolf ; Feng, Xinliang ; Fiedler, Bodo 
26-Feb-2019Porous starch materials via supercritical- and freeze-dryingBaudron, Victor ; Gurikov, Pavel ; Smirnova, Irina ; Whitehouse, Steve 
Feb-2019Scope of cooperation between India & Germany in renewables with a focus on opportunities in the wind sector in IndiaTiwari, Sadhana ; Tiwari, Rajnish  
19-Feb-2019Prediction of thermal exposure and mechanical behavior of epoxy resin using artificial neural networks and Fourier transform infrared spectroscopyDoblies, Audrius ; Boll, Benjamin ; Fiedler, Bodo 
Jun-2019Adsorption–strain coupling at solid surfacesWeißmüller, Jörg 
21-Feb-2019Drivers of sustainable supply chain management : identification and classificationSaeed, Muhammad Amad ; Kersten, Wolfgang 
18-Feb-2019Extraction of oil and minor compounds from oil palm fruit with supercritical carbon dioxidePhan Tai, Huan ; Brunner, Gerd 
11-Mär-2019Determination of metal content of waste mobile phones and estimation of their recovery potential in TurkeyŞahan, Merve ; Küc̨üker, Mehmet Ali ; Demirel, Burak ; Kuchta, Kerstin ; Hursthouse, Andrew 
14-Mär-2019Effect of different interval lengths in a rolling horizon MILP unit commitment with non-linear control model for a small energy systemErichsen, Gerrit ; Zimmermann, Tobias ; Kather, Alfons 
2011Process and mechanical properties: Applicability of a scandium modified Al-alloy for laser additive manufacturingSchmidtke, K. ; Palm, F. ; Hawkins, A. ; Emmelmann, Claus 
16-Mai-2016Temperature analysis of a pin-on-disc tribology test using experimental and numerical approachesAbdullah, Oday I. ; Schlattmann, Josef 
6-Nov-2016Primary hip replacement stem taper fracture due to corrosion in 3 patientsMorlock, Michael M. ; Bünte, Dennis ; Ettema, Harmen ; Verheyen, Cees C. ; Hamberg, Åke ; Gilbert, Jeremy 
22-Sep-2018Enhancing haptic feedback of subsurfaces during needle insertionAntoni, Sven-Thomas ; Soltau, Stefan ; Beringhoff, Jens ; Rajput, Omer ; Otte, Christoph ; Schlaefer, Alexander 
2019Chemo-mechanical coupling in nanoporous palladium-hydrogenShi, Shan 
22-Sep-2018Influence of application parameters of ultrasonic-assisted bone instruments on the tear force of a substitute material for spinal dura materFoelkel, Marie C. ; Herzog, Vitali ; Meier, Markus ; Morlock, Michael M. 
1-Sep-2018Bioimpedance analysis of L929 and HaCaT cells in low frequency rangeTeixeira, Viviane S. ; Kalckhoff, Jan-Patrick ; Krautschneider, Wolfgang ; Schröder, Dietmar 
2011Development of plasma-laser-hybrid welding processEmmelmann, Claus ; Kirchhoff, Marc ; Petri, Nikolai 
Collection's Items (Sorted by Einreichdatum in Absteigend order): 1 to 20 of 2003