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Issue DateTitleTypeAuthor(s)
23-Mar-2023Fulltext availableOpen AccessExperimental and numerical investigation of brittle ice crushing loadsThesisHerrnring, Hauke  
2023Fulltext availableOpen AccessReaction engineering characterization of biocatalytic organoborane synthesisThesisHennig, Jens 
3-Mar-2023Fulltext availableOpen AccessReconstructing the infrared spectrum of a peptide from representative conformers of the full canonical ensembleArticleKotobi, Amir ; Schwob, Lucas ; Vonbun-Feldbauer, Gregor  ; Rossi, Mariana ; Gasparotto, Piero ; Feiler, Christian ; Berden, Giel ; Oomens, Jos ; Oostenrijk, Bart ; Scuderi, Debora ; Bari, Sadia ; Meißner, Robert  
1-Mar-2023Fulltext availableOpen AccessIs the EU chemicals strategy for sustainability a green deal?ArticleBridges, James W. ; Greim, Helmut ; Leeuwen, Kees van ; Stegmann, Rainer ; Vermeire, Theo ; Haan, Klaas H. den 
10-May-2022Fulltext availableOpen AccessComparing friction of additively manufactured materials with animal blood vesselsArticleKuhl, Juliane  ; Hauschild, Johann ; Krause, Dieter  
Dec-2022Fulltext availableOpen AccessOn the hierarchy of distributed majority protocolsChapter/Article (Proceedings)Berenbrink, Petra ; Coja-Oghlan, Amin ; Gebhard, Oliver ; Hahn-Klimroth, Maximilian Grischa ; Kaaser, Dominik ; Rau, Malin 
2-Mar-2023Fulltext availableOpen AccessFree energy calculations for the prediction of protein adsorption isothermsPosterFiedler, Marius  ; Waluga, Thomas ; Smirnova, Irina  ; Jakobtorweihen, Sven 
1966Fulltext availableOpen AccessWiderstand, Propulsion, Bewegung und Beanspruchung schneller Verdrängungsfahrzeuge in glattem Wasser und in regelmäßigem SeegangTechnical ReportKracht, Alfred 
8-Feb-2023Fulltext availableOpen AccessSolvent controlled 2D structures of bottom-up fabricated nanoparticle superlatticesArticleBeck, Esko Erik ; Weimer, Agnes ; Feld, Artur ; Vonk, Vedran ; Noei, Heshmat ; Lott, Dieter ; Jeromin, Arno ; Kulkarni, Satishkumar ; Giuntini, Diletta ; Plunkett, Alexander ; Domènech Garcia, Berta ; Schneider, Gerold A. ; Vossmeyer, Tobias ; Weller, Horst ; Keller, Thomas F. ; Stierle, Andreas 
11-Feb-2023Fulltext availableOpen AccessFIRST radio galaxy data set containing curated labels of classes FRI, FRII, compact and bentArticleGriese, Florian  ; Kummer, Janis ; Connor, Patrick L.S. ; Brüggen, Marcus ; Rustige, Lennart 
Apr-2023Fulltext availableOpen AccessGuidelines for RBF-FD discretization: numerical experiments on the interplay of a multitude of parameter choicesArticleLe Borne, Sabine  ; Leinen, Willi 
2-Mar-2023Fulltext availableOpen AccessSea level rise implications on future inland migration of coastal wetlandsArticleNevermann, Hannes ; AghaKouchak, Amir ; Shokri, Nima 
Apr-2023Fulltext availableOpen AccessNear wake hydrodynamics and structural design of a single foil cycloidal rotor in regular wavesArticleArredondo-Galeana, Abel ; Olbert, Gerrit Alexander ; Shi, Weichao ; Brennan, Feargal 
6-Nov-2022Fulltext availableOpen AccessKinematic designChapter (Book)Youssef, Fady  ; Kassner, Sebastian 
6-Nov-2022Fulltext availableOpen AccessThe user’s role in haptic system designChapter (Book)Kern, Thorsten Alexander  ; Hatzfeld, Christian ; Youssef, Fady  
Jun-2022Fulltext availableOpen AccessBearing strength high performance fibre metal thin-ply laminatesChapter/Article (Proceedings)Kötter, Benedikt  ; Yamada, Kohei ; Körbelin, Johann ; Kawabe, Kazumasa ; Nishikawa, Masaaki ; Hojo, Masaki ; Wittich, Hans ; Fiedler, Bodo  
Jun-2022Fulltext availableOpen AccessEffects of the hygrothermal aging history on epoxy resins and GFRP compositesChapter/Article (Proceedings)Gibhardt, Dennis ; Meyer, Devin ; Braun, Lennart ; Buggisch, Christina ; Fiedler, Bodo  
2023Fulltext availableOpen AccessThermoset state estimation using infrared spectroscopy and predictive analyticsThesisDoblies, Audrius 
Jun-2022Fulltext availableOpen AccessFully-integrated carbon nanotube epoxy film sensors for strain sensing in GFRPChapter/Article (Proceedings)Buggisch, Christina ; Felmet, Nils ; Gibhardt, Dennis ; Fiedler, Bodo  
2023Fulltext availableOpen AccessDescription of solutes/solids interactions by supercritical fluid chromatographyThesisSun, Miaotian 
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 4336