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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Sep-2018Fulltext availablePossibilities of increasing the low altitude measurement precision of airborne radio altimetersLabun, Ján ; Krchňák, Martin ; Kurdel, Pavol ; Češkovič, Marek ; Nekrasov, Alexey ; Gamcová, Mária 
18-Jul-2018Fulltext availableAn algorithm of daubechieswavelet transform in the final field when processing speech signalsPopov, Dmitry ; Gapochkin, Artem ; Nekrasov, Alexey 
2014Fulltext availableThe coal-fired Oxyfuel-process with additional gas treatment of the ventgas for increased capture ratesDickmeis, Jens ; Kather, Alfons 
5-Jun-2019Fulltext availableAnalysis of wind turbine using QBlade softwareAlaskari, Mustafa ; Abdullah, Oday Ibraheem ; Majeed, Mahir H. 
14-Mar-2014Fulltext availableUnderstanding supply chain management concepts in the context of port logistics: an explanatory frameworkHerz, Nico ; Flämig, Heike 
23-May-2016Fulltext availableSea surface wind measurement by airborne weather radar scanning in a wide-size sectorNekrasov, Alexey ; Khachaturian, Alena ; Veremyev, Vladimir ; Bogachev, Mikhail 
17-May-2016Fulltext availableNumerical simulation and experimental investigation of the viscoelastic heating mechanism in ultrasonic plasticizing of amorphous polymers for micro injection moldingJiang, Bingyan ; Peng, Huajian ; Wu, Wangqing ; Jia, Yunlong ; Zhang, Yingping 
20-Apr-2016Fulltext availableTetrabromidocuprates(II)—synthesis, structure and EPRZabel, André ; Winter, Alette ; Kelling, Alexandra ; Schilde, Uwe ; Strauch, Peter 
24-Jun-2019Fulltext availableExperimental investigation of a ground-coupled air conditioning system with desiccant assisted enthalpy recovery during winter modeNiemann, Peter ; Schmitz, Gerhard 
26-May-2008Fulltext availableSimultaneous large-scale reliability analysis of ultra-thin MOS gate dielectrics using an automated test systemDomdey, Andreas ; Hafkemeyer, Kristian M. ; Krautschneider, Wolfgang ; Schröder, Dietmar 
26-May-2008Fulltext availableIdentification of the complex relative dielectric constant of porous polymers at different degrees of humidityHaake, Kai ; ter Haseborg, Jan Luiken 
21-Mar-2008Fulltext availableNewton's method and the computational complexity of the fundamental theorem of algebraBatra, Prashant 
15-Feb-2008Fulltext availableGlobal convergence of RTLSQEP : a solver of regularized total least squares problems via quadratic eigenproblemsLampe, Jörg ; Voß, Heinrich 
19-Jan-2018Fulltext availableAssessing the GRIP of Ventral Hernia Repair: How to Securely Fasten DIS Classified MeshesKallinowski, Friedrich ; Harder, Felix ; Gutjahr, D. ; Raschidi, R. ; Silva, T. G. ; Vollmer, Matthias ; Nessel, Regine 
2-Jul-2019Fulltext availableThe effect of random wind forcing in the nonlinear Schrödinger equationDostal, Leo 
6-Jul-2019Fulltext availableNumerical investigation of polymer coated nanoporous goldGnegel, Stephan ; Li, Jie ; Mameka, Nadiia ; Huber, Norbert ; Düster, Alexander 
22-May-2019Fulltext availableOn the dynamics and control of continuous fluidized bed layering granulation with screen-mill-cycleNeugebauer, Christoph ; Diez, Eugen ; Bück, Andreas ; Palis, Stefan ; Heinrich, Stefan ; Kienle, Achim 
1-Dec-2015Fulltext availableDevelopment of a synthetic synovial fluid for tribological testingBortel, Emely Lea ; Charbonnier, Baptiste ; Heuberger, Roman 
11-Feb-2015Fulltext availableSchool locations and traffic Emissions — Environmental (In) justice findings using a new screening methodGaffron, Philine ; Niemeier, Deb 
18-Nov-2008Fulltext availableSO2 emissions from Popocatépetl volcano : emission rates and plume imaging using optical remote sensing techniquesGrutter, Michel ; Basaldud, Roberto ; Rivera, Claudia ; Harig, Roland ; Junkerman, W. ; Caetano, Ernesto ; Delgado Granados, Hugo 
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 2161