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This collection contains data sets from the research of the Hamburg University of Technology.

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Issue DateTitleTypeAuthor(s)
31-Oct-2019Fulltext availableOpen AccessVEREKON Cost Parameters for 2050 in its Energy System ModelDataPaperErichsen, Gerrit  ; Ball, Christopher ; Kather, Alfons ; Kuckshinrichs, Wilhelm 
Feb-2019Fulltext availableOpen AccessDataset -- Towards a gecko-inspired, climbing soft robotDatasetSchiller, Lars  
25-Nov-2019Fulltext availableOpen Access3D Reciprocal Space Mapping of a Columnar Discotic Liquid Crystal Confined in NanoporesAudiovisualHuber, Patrick  
11-Oct-2019Fulltext availableOpen AccessMobility as a Service: ein Angebot auch für Einkommensarme? (Geo-Datensatz, aktualisiert)DatasetAberle, Christoph 
24-Oct-2019Fulltext availableOpen AccessDatasets for the microstructure of nanoscale metal network structures and for its evolution during coarseningDatasetLi, Yong  ; Ngo, Dinh Bao Nam  ; Markmann, Jürgen ; Weissmüller, Jörg 
27-Nov-2017Fulltext availableOpen AccessM03.010 Determination of anions in aqueous samples by ion chromatographyTextCarstens, Jörg ; Romann, Eike ; Stahl, Alina 
6-Feb-2017Fulltext availableOpen AccessM03.008 Determination of free carbohydrates and organic acids by ion exclusion HPLC-RITextCarstens, Jörg ; Stahl, Alina 
6-Jul-2016Fulltext availableOpen AccessM03.007 Determination of free carbohydrates by HPLC-RITextCarstens, Jörg ; Romann, Eike ; Stahl, Alina 
5-Jul-2016Fulltext availableOpen AccessM03.006 Content of free fat by Soxhlet extractionTextRomann, Eike ; Simon, Andrea ; Stahl, Alina 
23-Jan-2018Fulltext availableOpen AccessM03.005 Qualitative and quantitative determination of saponins by LC-MSTOF and LC-MS/MSTextStahl, Alina ; Frerichs, Heike  
11-Jul-2016Fulltext availableOpen AccessM03.004 Determination of fatty acid methyl ester (FAME) by GC-FIDTextSimon, Andrea ; Stahl, Alina 
19-Oct-2017Fulltext availableOpen AccessM03.003 Determination of amino acids by HPLC-FLD after derivatisationTextCarstens, Jörg ; Frerichs, Heike  
1-Jun-2016Fulltext availableOpen AccessM03.002 Determination of pesticides in food by LC-MS/MSTextStahl, Alina ; Frerichs, Heike  
1-Jun-2016Fulltext availableOpen AccessM03.001 Gravimetric determination of low volatile lipophilic substancesTextStahl, Alina ; Frerichs, Heike  
2-Oct-2017Fulltext availableOpen AccessM02.010 Determination of settleable matterTextMillfahrt, Tanja ; Stahl, Alina 
28-Jun-2018Fulltext availableOpen AccessM02.009 Determination of ash content of solid mineral fuelsTextMillfahrt, Tanja ; Klatt, Volker ; Stahl, Alina 
21-Jul-2017Fulltext availableOpen AccessM02.008 Determination of dry residue in solid samplesTextMillfahrt, Tanja ; Stahl, Alina 
27-Nov-2017Fulltext availableOpen AccessM02.006 Quantitative photometric determination of iron after derivatisationTextFütterer, Cordula ; Stahl, Alina 
14-Aug-2018Fulltext availableOpen AccessM02.005 Determination of the loss of ignitation of dry mass at 550°CTextMillfahrt, Tanja ; Klatt, Volker ; Stahl, Alina 
18-Apr-2017Fulltext availableOpen AccessM02.004 Quantitative determination of mercury in aqueous samples by atomic absorption spectroscopyTextFütterer, Cordula ; Stahl, Alina 
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 42