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Issue DateTitleTypeAuthor(s)
15-Jan-2016Reaction-Forming of Ceramic Composites Using Metallic AluminuminBookJanßen, Rolf ; Travitzky, Nahum ; Greil, Peter ; Claussen, Nils 
8-Jun-2016Surface reconstruction from image space adjacency of lines using breadth-first plane searchinProceedingsMentges, Gerhard ; Grigat, Rolf-Rainer 
8-Jun-2016Towards a hyperbolic acoustic one-way localization system for underwater swarm roboticsinProceedingsGeist, Andreas René ; Hackbarth, Axel ; Kreuzer, Edwin ; Rausch, Viktor ; Sankur, Michael ; Solowjow, Eugen 
23-May-2016Cache-aware instruction SPM allocation for hard real-time systemsinProceedingsLuppold, Arno  ; Kittsteiner, Christina ; Falk, Heiko  
23-May-2016Practical challenges of ILP-based SPM allocation optimizationsinProceedingsOehlert, Dominic Paul ; Luppold, Arno  ; Falk, Heiko  
8-Jun-2016Approximation of pseudospectra on a Hilbert spaceinProceedingsSchmidt, Torge ; Lindner, Marko  
4-Aug-2016Surface stabilization determines a classical: fersus non-classical nucleation pathway during particle formationArticleDreyer, Axel ; Eckstädt, Katrin ; Koop, Thomas ; Jutzi, Peter ; Hütten, Andreas 
Aug-2020Deep learning with 4D spatio-temporal data representations for OCT-based force estimationArticleGessert, Nils Thorben ; Bengs, Marcel ; Schlüter, Matthias ; Schlaefer, Alexander 
Feb-2020Spatio-spectral deep learning methods for in-vivo hyperspectral laryngeal cancer detectioninProceedingsBengs, Marcel ; Westermann, Stephan ; Gessert, Nils Thorben ; Eggert, Dennis ; Gerstner, Andreas O. H. ; Mueller, Nina A. ; Betz, Christian Stephan ; Laffers, Wiebke ; Schlaefer, Alexander 
21-Jun-2016Experimental verification of target shadow parameter estimation in GPS FSRinProceedingsKabakchiev, Hristo ; Kabakchiev, Avgust ; Garvanov, Iwan ; Behar, Vera ; Kulpa, Krzysztof ; Rohling, Hermann ; Kabakchieva, Dorina ; Yarovoy, Alexander 
Feb-2020Melanoma detection with electrical impedance spectroscopy and dermoscopy using joint deep learning modelsinProceedingsGessert, Nils Thorben ; Bengs, Marcel ; Schlaefer, Alexander 
Mar-2020Long-term Changes of Waves at the German Baltic Sea Coast: Are There Trends from the Past?ArticleDreier, Norman ; Mannikus, Rain ; Fröhle, Peter 
9-Aug-2016Three-frequency resonances in single-mode systemsinProceedingsNimets, Anastasiia ; Vavriv, Dmytro ; Schünemann, Klaus 
9-Dec-2014Fabrication and characterization of deformable porous matrices with controlled pore characteristicsArticleMunro, Benjamin ; Becker, Sid M. ; Uth, Marc-Florian ; Preußer, Niklas ; Herwig, Heinz 
2-Dec-2014Second law analysis for sustainable heat and energy transfer : the entropic potential conceptArticleWenterodt, Tammo ; Redecker, Christoph ; Herwig, Heinz 
2-Feb-2015Numerical investigation of the possibility of macroscopic turbulence in porous media : a direct numerical simulation studyArticleJin, Yan ; Uth, Marc-Florian ; Kuznetsov, Andrey V. ; Herwig, Heinz 
2015Turbulente Strömungen durch poröse Materialien : wie sehen die aus?ArticleJin, Yan ; Uth, Marc-Florian ; Kuznetsov, Andrey V. ; Herwig, Heinz 
Aug-2015The head change coefficient for branched flows : why "losses" due to junctions can be negativeArticleSchmandt, Bastian ; Herwig, Heinz 
20-Nov-2015Turbulent flow in rough wall channels : validation of RANS modelsArticleJin, Yan ; Herwig, Heinz 
24-Nov-2015The physics of stripe patterns in turbulent channel flow determined by DNS resultsOtherKiš, P. ; Jin, Yan ; Herwig, Heinz 
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 3414