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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2-Sep-2013A re-optimization approach for virtual network embeddingMelo, Márcio ; Carapinha, Jorge ; Sargento, Susana ; Killat, Ulrich ; Timm-Giel, Andreas  
9-Aug-2017Conversion Routes from Biomass to BiokeroseneKaltschmitt, Martin ; Neuling, Ulf 
16-Sep-2011Multi-level substructuring combined with model order reduction methodsBlömeling, Frank 
26-Oct-2011Hierarchical flexural strength of enamel : transition from brittle to damage-tolerant behaviourBechtle, Sabine ; Özcoban, Hüseyin ; Lilleodden, Erica ; Huber, Norbert ; Schreyer, Andreas ; Swain, Michael V. ; Schneider, Gerold A. 
16-Dec-2011Analysis of retrieved hip resurfacing arthroplasties reveals the interrelationship between interface hyperosteoidosis and demineralization of viable bone trabeculaeBreer, Stefan ; Krause, Matthias ; Busse, Björn ; Hahn, Michael ; Rüther, Wolfgang ; Morlock, Michael ; Amling, Michael ; Zustin, Jozef 
2011Bone fragility and decline in stem cells in prematurely aging DNA repair deficient trichothiodystrophy miceDiderich, Karin E. M. ; Nicolaije, Claudia ; Priemel, Matthias ; Waarsing, Jan H. ; Day, Judd S. ; Brandt, Renata M. C. ; Schilling, Arndt ; Botter, Sander M. ; Weinans, Harrie ; van der Horst, Gijsbertus T. J. ; Hoeijmakers, Jan H. J. ; van Leeuwen, Johannes P. T. M. 
30-Aug-2012CMOS based capacitive biosensor with integrated tethered bilayer lipid membrane for real-time measurementsKißler, Sarah ; Pierrat, Sebastien ; Zimmermann, Tom ; Vogt, Holger ; Trieu, Hoc Khiem ; Köper, Ingo 
29-Aug-2012Low-loss multilayer compatible a-Si:H optical thin films for photonic applicationsLipka, Timo ; Horn, Oliver ; Amthor, Julia ; Müller, Jörg 
19-Aug-2013Coordinated LTE uplink radio interface schedulingToseef, U. ; Weerawardane, T. ; Golderer, R. ; Hauth, S. ; Timm-Giel, Andreas  ; Gorgt, C. 
2015Is MAC joint decoding optimal for interference channels?Zhou, Guangxia ; Xu, Wen ; Bauch, Gerhard 
3-Sep-2012Automatic handover decision in content centric networkingLuo, Yunqi ; An, Chunlei ; Eymann, Jonas ; Timm-Giel, Andreas  
3-Sep-2012Adaptive routing in wireless sensor networks for fire fightingAn, Chunlei ; Luo, Yunqi ; Timm-Giel, Andreas  
6-Sep-2012Wireless power transmission for powering medical implants situated in an abdominal aortic aneurysmBradford, Bryce Theron ; Krautschneider, Wolfgang ; Schröder, Dietmar 
23-Dec-2013Fiber optic CW Doppler Lidar using a synthetic broadband sourceBrinkmeyer, Ernst ; Waterholter, Thomas 
2012Accelerated staggered coupling schemes for problems of thermoelasticity at finite strainsErbts, Patrick ; Düster, Alexander 
2012Non-standard stochastic averaging of large-amplitude ship rolling in random seasDostal, Leo ; Kreuzer, Edwin ; Namachchivaya, Navaratnam Sri 
5-Apr-2017In vitro and in vivo comparison of a tailored magnetic particle imaging blood pool tracer with resovistKaul, Michael ; Mummert, Tobias ; Jung, Caroline ; Salamon, Johannes ; Khandhar, Amit P. ; Ferguson, Richard Matthew ; Kemp, Scott J. ; Ittrich, Harald ; Krishnan, Kannan M. ; Adam, Gerhard ; Knopp, Tobias 
14-Jun-2017On magnetic dipole-dipole interactions of nanoparticles in magnetic particle imagingThem, Kolja 
5-Apr-2017First experimental comparison between the Cartesian and the Lissajous trajectory for magnetic particle imagingWerner, Franziska ; Gdaniec, Nadine ; Knopp, Tobias 
2018Information-Optimum LDPC Decoders with Message Alignment for Irregular CodesStark, Maximilian  ; Lewandowsky, Jan ; Bauch, Gerhard 
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 964