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Issue DateTitleTypeAuthor(s)
2020Paying for legitimacy? The signalling effect of monetary rewards in innovation contestsArticleIhl, Christoph ; Vossen, Alexander 
2015Mass Transfer from Single Taylor Bubbles in MinichannelsArticleKastens, Sven ; Hosoda, Shogo ; Schlüter, Michael ; Tomiyama, Akio 
1-Mar-2017Cost assessment of lean methodsArticleGrabner, Constantin ; Engel, Andreas ; Scheel, Lennart ; Lödding, Hermann 
2020Extension of the strain energy density method for fatigue assessment of welded joints to sub-zero temperaturesArticleBraun, Moritz  ; Fischer, Claas ; Fricke, Wolfgang ; Ehlers, Sören 
2020Rescue Augmentation: Increased Stability in Augmentation After Initial Loosening of Pedicle ScrewsArticleWeiser, Lukas ; Huber, Gerd ; Sellenschloh, Kay ; Püschel, Klaus ; Morlock, Michael ; Viezens, Lennart ; Lehmann, Wolfgang 
1-Oct-2020Electrical Conductivity and Multiple Glassy Dynamics of Crown Ether-Based Columnar Liquid CrystalsArticleYildirim, Arda ; Kolmangadi, Mohamed A. ; Bühlmeyer, Andrea ; Huber, Patrick ; Laschat, Sabine ; Schönhals, Andreas 
2020Lag-Screw Osteosynthesis in Thoracolumbar Pincer FracturesArticleAuerswald, Marc ; Messer-Hannemann, Philipp ; Sellenschloh, Kay ; Wahlefeld, Jan ; Püschel, Klaus ; Araujo, Sven Hirschfeld ; Morlock, Michael ; Schulz, Arndt P. ; Huber, Gerd 
2020Modeling eelgrass spatial response to nutrient abatement measures in a changing climateArticleBobsien, Ivo C. ; Hukriede, Wolfgang ; Schlamkow, Christian ; Friedland, René ; Dreier, Norman ; Schubert, Philipp R. ; Karez, Rolf ; Reusch, Thorsten B. H. 
2020Cortical threaded pedicle screw improves fatigue strength in decreased bone qualityArticleWeiser, Lukas ; Sellenschloh, Kay ; Püschel, Klaus ; Morlock, Michael ; Viezens, Lennart ; Lehmann, Wolfgang ; Huber, Gerd 
2020The influence of the void fraction on the particle migration: A coupled computational fluid dynamics–discrete element method study about drag force correlationsArticleKanitz, Manuela ; Grabe, Jürgen 
1-Nov-2020Two-Step Autohydrolysis Pretreatment: Towards High Selective Full Fractionation of Wheat StrawArticleConrad, Marc ; Smirnova, Irina 
2020A Selection of Benchmark Problems in Solid Mechanics and Applied MathematicsArticleSchröder, Jörg ; Wick, Thomas ; Reese, Stefanie ; Wriggers, Peter ; Müller, Ralf ; Kollmannsberger, Stefan ; Kästner, Markus ; Schwarz, Alexander ; Igelbüscher, Maximilian ; Viebahn, Nils ; Bayat, Hamid Reza ; Wulfinghoff, Stephan ; Mang, Katrin ; Rank, Ernst ; Bog, Tino ; D'Angella, Davide ; Elhaddad, Mohamed ; Hennig, Paul ; Düster, Alexander ; Garhuom, Wadhah ; Hubrich, Simeon ; Walloth, Mirjam ; Wollner, Winnifried ; Kuhn, Charlotte ; Heister, Timo 
Jun-2020The impact of a new mid-range aircraft with advanced technologies on air traffic emissions and climateChapter/Article (Proceedings)Linke, Florian ; Dahlmann, Katrin ; Gerlinger, Berit ; Woehler, Sebastian ; Hartmann, Johannes ; Otten, Tom ; Plohr, Martin ; Presto, Felix ; Weiss, Marco 
2020Experimental investigation of granules as crash-absorber in ship buildingArticleWoitzik, Christian ; Düster, Alexander 
2020Optimizing lightweight structures with particle damping using frequency based substructuringArticleOltmann, Jan ; Hartwich, Tobias Simeon ; Krause, Dieter 
2020Regulation of pyruvate dehydrogenase complex related to lactate switch in CHO cellsArticleMöller, Johannes ; Bhat, Krathika ; Guhl, Lotta ; Pörtner, Ralf  ; Jandt, Uwe ; Zeng, An-Ping  
2020Measurement of length distribution of beta-lactoglobulin fibrils by multiwavelength analytical ultracentrifugationArticleUttinger, Maximilian J. ; Heyn, Timon R. ; Jandt, Uwe ; Wawra, Simon E. ; Winzer, Bettina ; Keppler, Julia K. ; Peukert, Wolfgang 
2020All-suture anchor pullout results in decreased bone damage and depends on cortical thicknessArticleNtalos, Dimitris ; Huber, Gerd ; Sellenschloh, Kay ; Saito, Hiroaki ; Püschel, Klaus ; Morlock, Michael ; Frosch, Karl-Heinz ; Klatte, Till Orla 
2020Toward a design methodology for particle dampers by analyzing their energy dissipationArticleMeyer, Niklas Joachim ; Seifried, Robert  
Dec-2020Towards bio-based plasticizers with reduced toxicity: Synthesis and performance testing of a 3-methylphthalateArticlePlass, Carmen ; Hiessl, Robert ; Kleber, Joscha ; Grimm, Axel ; Langsch, Angelika ; Otter, Rainer ; Liese, Andreas  ; Gröger, Harald 
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 4626