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Issue DateTitleTypeAuthor(s)
2014Singleton codesArticleDück, Natalia ; Zimmermann, Karl-Heinz 
19-Jun-2014Cell culture techniques: Current trends in the in vitro substance testing in Germany and SwitzerlandArticlePörtner, Ralf  ; Wagner, Ilka ; Atanasova, Tamara ; Gautam, Richa ; Gattlen, Jasmin ; Rimann, Markus ; Bono, Epifania ; Graf-Hausner, Ursula ; Marx, Uwe 
2021Generatives Design zur Optimierung additiv gefertigter KühlkörperThesisStruve, Arnd 
2021Systemübergreifende Analyse und Bewertung von Architekturvarianten neuartiger Flugzeugsysteme anhand von Sicherheits- und BetriebsaspektenThesisBornholdt, Riko 
2021Kompetenzentwicklung in der Montage mit Hilfe virtueller TechnologienThesisSchröder, Henrik 
2021Sicherheit bei der Implantation keramischer EndoprothesenkomponentenThesisGührs, Julian 
2014Requirements for a value stream mapping in make-to-order environmentsChapter/Article (Proceedings)Koch, Christoph ; Lödding, Hermann 
2-Sep-2014Multiple slow waves and relevant transverse transmission and confinement in chirped photonic crystalsArticleSerebryannikov, Andriy E. ; Cakmak, A. Ozgur ; Colak, Evrim ; Caglayan, Humeyra ; Kurt, Hamza ; Özbay, Ekmel 
2014Effects of long-term alendronate treatment on bone mineralisation, resorption parameters and biomechanics of single human vertebral trabeculaeArticleKrause, Matthias ; Soltau, M. ; Zimmermann, Elizabeth A. ; Hahn, Michael ; Kornet, Jacob Jan ; Hapfelmeier, A. ; Breer, Stefan ; Morlock, Michael ; Wulff, Birgit ; Püschel, Klaus ; Glüer, Claus Christian ; Amling, Michael ; Busse, Björn 
2014FE analysis of cruciform welded joints considering different mechanical properties for base material : heat affected zone and weld metalArticleCorigliano, Pasqualino ; Crupi, Vincenzo ; Guglielmino, Eugenio ; Fricke, Wolfgang 
2014Development of a fully implantable EMG measurement system : status report on the MyoPlant projectArticleRussold, Michael ; Lewis, Sören ; Abu Saleh, Lait ; Cardona Audí, Josep Marcel ; Hahn, Michael ; Schiestl, M. ; Ruff, Roman ; Schröder, Dietmar ; Taghizadeh-Sarshouri, Bahareh ; Plume, Stephan ; Hoffmann, Klaus-Peter ; Krautschneider, Wolfgang ; Gail, Alexander ; Meiners, Thomas ; Lanmüller, H. ; Aszmann, O. ; Dietl, Hans 
2014Spontaneous formation of nanopatterns in velocity-dependent dip-coated organic films : from dragonflies to stripesArticleCorrales, Tomas P. ; Bai, Mengjun ; Del Campo, Valeria ; Homm, Pia ; Ferrari, Piero ; Diama, Armand ; Wagner, Christian ; Taub, Haskell ; Knorr, Klaus ; Deutsch, Moshe ; Retamal, Maria Jose ; Volkmann, Ulrich G. ; Huber, Patrick  
23-Sep-2014Synthesis, characterization and antibacterial assessment of sio2-hydroxypropylmethyl cellulose hybrid materials with embedded silver nanoparticlesArticleAngelova, Tsvetelina ; Rangelova, Nadezhda ; Dineva, Hristina ; Georgieva, Nelly ; Müller, Rudolf 
31-Dec-2014A broadband dipole antenna for multiservice indoor distributed antenna system (MS-IDAS)ArticleWu, Qi ; Ding, Xiaojing ; Chen, Aixin 
4-May-2014Simulation of non-classical diffusion in polymersArticleWilmers, Jana ; Bargmann, Swantje 
1-Oct-2014Computation of drift forces for dynamic positioning within the very early design stage of offshore wind farm installation vesselsChapter/Article (Proceedings)Augener, Philip Herbert ; Krüger, Stefan 
17-Oct-2014Coloring d-embeddable k-uniform hypergraphsArticleHeise, Carl Georg ; Panagiotou, Konstantinos ; Pikhurko, Oleg ; Taraz, Anusch 
2014Optimized propulsor retrofit for slow steaming for a post pan-max container vesselChapter/Article (Proceedings)Will, Johannes ; Greitsch, Lars 
1-Nov-2014An efficient lattice Boltzmann multiphase model for 3D flows with large density ratios at high Reynolds numbersArticleBanari, Amir ; Janßen, Christian F.  ; Grilli, Stephan T. 
2014Wide-angle reflection-mode spatial filtering and splitting with photonic crystal gratings and single-layer rod gratingsArticleSerebryannikov, Andriy E. ; Lalanne, Philippe ; Petrov, Alexander Yu.  ; Özbay, Ekmel 
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 6195