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Issue DateTitleTypeAuthor(s)
2020Nonlinear vibration localisation in a symmetric system of two coupled beamsArticleFontanela, Filipe ; Vizzaccaro, Alessandra ; Auvray, Jeanne ; Niedergesäß, Björn ; Grolet, Aurélien ; Salles, Loic ; Hoffmann, Norbert  
Jun-2020Fleet up-gauging when reducing flight frequencyChapter/Article (Proceedings)Presto, Felix ; Gollnick, Volker ; Lütjens, Klaus  
14-Oct-2020Fatty alcohol synthesis from fatty acids at mild temperature by subsequent enzymatic esterification and metal-catalyzed hydrogenationArticleSchlipköter, Kim Elisabeth ; Betke, Tobias ; Kleber, Joscha ; Gröger, Harald ; Liese, Andreas  
2020On minimal Ramsey graphs and Ramsey equivalence in multiple coloursArticleClemens, Dennis ; Liebenau, Anita ; Reding, Damian 
2020Comparative investigation of fine bubble and macrobubble aeration on gas utility and biotransformation productivityArticleThomas, Benjamin  ; Ohde, Daniel  ; Matthes, Simon ; Engelmann, Claudia ; Bubenheim, Paul  ; Terasaka, Koichi ; Schlüter, Michael ; Liese, Andreas  
2020Managing sequence-dependent setup times - The target conflict between output rate, WIP and fluctuating throughput times for setup cyclesArticleEngehausen, Friederike ; Lödding, Hermann 
Oct-20203d-SMRnet: Achieving a New Quality of MPI System Matrix Recovery by Deep LearningChapter/Article (Proceedings)Baltruschat, Ivo-Matteo ; Szwargulski, Patryk ; Griese, Florian  ; Grosser, Mirco ; Werner, René ; Knopp, Tobias 
2020The vegan trend and the microfoundations of institutional change: A commentary on food producers’ sustainable innovation journeys in EuropeArticleSaari, Ulla A. ; Herstatt, Cornelius ; Tiwari, Rajnish  ; Dedehayir, Ozgur ; Mäkinen, Saku J. 
Jun-2020Inverse aircraft design for market disruptionChapter/Article (Proceedings)Gibbs, Jonathan M. ; Gollnick, Volker 
Oct-2020Spectral-spatial Recurrent-Convolutional Networks for In-Vivo Hyperspectral Tumor Type ClassificationChapter/Article (Proceedings)Bengs, Marcel ; Gessert, Nils Thorben ; Laffers, Wiebke ; Eggert, Dennis ; Westermann, Stephan ; Mueller, Nina A. ; Gerstner, Andreas O. H. ; Betz, Christian Stephan ; Schlaefer, Alexander 
16-May-2019On the harmonic extension approach to fractional powers in Banach spacesArticleMeichsner, Jan ; Seifert, Christian  
27-May-2014Improved backward error bounds for LU and Cholesky factorizationsArticleRump, Siegfried M. ; Jeannerod, Claude Pierre 
11-Jul-2013Improved componentwise verified error bounds for least squares problems and underdetermined linear systemsArticleRump, Siegfried M. 
2014Verified bounds for the p-norm condition numberArticleRump, Siegfried M. 
2013Certifying 3-edge-connectivityChapter/Article (Proceedings)Mehlhorn, Kurt ; Neumann, Adrian ; Schmidt, Jens M. 
15-Oct-2013A planarity test via construction sequencesChapter/Article (Proceedings)Schmidt, Jens M. 
1-Dec-2012Certifying 3-connectivity in linear timeChapter/Article (Proceedings)Schmidt, Jens M. 
2010Construction sequences and certifying 3-connectednessChapter/Article (Proceedings)Schmidt, Jens M. 
2009Interval stabbing problems in small integer rangesChapter/Article (Proceedings)Schmidt, Jens M. 
28-Sep-2014Lipopeptide biosurfactant production by chitosan-immobilized Bacillus sp. GY19 and their recovery by foam fractionationArticleKhondee, Nichakorn ; Tathong, Sitti ; Pinyakong, Onruthai ; Müller, Rudolf ; Soonglerdsongpha, Suwat ; Ruangchainikom, Chalermchai ; Tongcumpou, Chantra ; Luepromchai, Ekawan 
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 4626