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Issue DateTitleTypeAuthor(s)
2020Oil spill damage: a collision scenario and financial liability estimations for the Northern Sea Route areaArticleBambulyak, Alexei ; Ehlers, Sören 
Dec-2019Support Vector Machine-Based Instantaneous Presence Detection for Continuous Wave Radar SystemsArticleSchellenberger, Sven ; Shi, Kilin ; Steigleder, Tobias ; Michler, Fabian ; Lurz, Fabian ; Weigel, Robert ; Kölpin, Alexander  
2013Continuous wave synthetic low-coherence wind sensing Lidar : motionless measurement system with subsequent numerical range scanningArticleBrinkmeyer, Ernst ; Waterholter, Thomas 
13-Dec-2012Partition coefficients of ionizable solutes in mixed nonionic/ionic micellar systemsArticleMehling, Tanja ; Kloss, Linda ; Ingram, Thomas ; Smirnova, Irina 
23-Oct-2012New unstructured mesh water quality model for coastal dischargesArticleLawen, Johannes ; Yu, Huaming ; Fieg, Georg ; Abdel-Wahab, Ahmed 
18-Oct-2012CPFD simulation of circulating fluidized bed risersArticleChen, Cheng ; Werther, Joachim ; Heinrich, Stefan ; Qi, Hai Ying ; Hartge, Ernst-Ulrich 
12-Dec-2012Hydrothermally resistant thermally reduced graphene oxide and multi-wall carbon nanotube based epoxy nanocompositesArticleStarkova, Olesja ; Chandrasekaran, Swetha ; Prado, Luís Antônio Sanchez de Almeida ; Tölle, Folke Johannes ; Mülhaupt, Rolf ; Schulte, Karl 
7-Dec-2012Biomechanics of a bone-periodontal ligament-tooth fibrous jointArticleLin, Jeremy D. ; Özcoban, Hüseyin ; Greene, Janelle P. ; Jang, Andrew T. ; Djomehri, Sabra I. ; Fahey, Kevin P. ; Hunter, Luke L. ; Schneider, Gerold A. ; Ho, Sunita P. 
15-Nov-2012Effective permittivity of air-filled cracks in piezoelectric ceramics due to crack bridgingArticleNeumeister, Peter ; Jurisch, Martin ; Jelitto, Hans ; Engert, Andrea Raphaela ; Schneider, Gerold A. ; Balke, Herbert 
Jul-2020Fatigue strength reduction of Ti–6Al–4V titanium alloy after contact with high-frequency cauterising instrumentsArticleZobel, Sebastian Manuel ; Morlock, Michael ; Huber, Gerd 
10-Jun-2020Scale-Up of the Radial Packing Length in Rotating Packed Beds for Deaeration ProcessesArticleGroß, Kai ; De Beer, Michiel ; Dohrn, Stefanie ; Skiborowski, Mirko 
24-Sep-2012High-order finite elements compared to low-order mixed element formulationsArticleNetz, Torben ; Düster, Alexander ; Hartmann, Stefan 
10-Mar-2020Modeling, design, and flight testing of three flutter controllers for a flying-wing droneArticleSchmidt, David K. ; Danowsky, Brian P. ; Kotikalpudi, Aditya ; Theis, Julian  ; Regan, Christopher D. ; Seiler, Peter ; Kapania, Rakesh K. 
Jul-2020Time-dependent Viscoelastic Response of Acetabular Bone and Implant Seating during Dynamic Implantation of Press-fit CupsArticleMesser-Hannemann, Philipp ; Weyer, Hannah ; Campbell, Graeme Michael ; Morlock, Michael 
2020(Ir-)Rationality of Teams: A Process-Oriented Model of Team Cognition EmergenceinProceedingsLorscheid, Iris ; Meyer, Matthias 
2013Exploring the integration of sustainability and supply chain management : current state and opportunities for future inquiryArticleWinter, Marc ; Knemeyer, A. Michael 
1-Sep-2020Do SiNx coatings bear the potential to reduce the risk of micromotion in modular taper junctions?ArticleHaschke, Henning ; Falkenberg, Adrian ; Morlock, Michael ; Huber, Gerd 
31-Dec-2014Application of a Coupled Eulerian-Lagrangian approach on pile installation problems under partially drained conditionsArticleHamann, Thorben ; Qiu, Gang ; Grabe, Jürgen 
Sep-2019Zur Notwendigkeit eines konstruktionsmethodischen Ansatzes für die zeitfeste Auslegung endlosfaserverstärkter Kunststoffbauteile [On the necessity of a construction-methodological approach for the time-proof design of endless fiber-reinforced plastic components]inProceedingsHartwich, Tobias Simeon ; Völkl, Harald ; Franz, Michael ; Witzgall, Christian ; Krause, Dieter ; Wartzack, Sandro 
Sep-2019Anknüpfung von Modularisierungsmethoden an ein Wirkmodell modularer Produktstrukturen [Connection of modularization methods to an impact model of modular product structures]inProceedingsSchwede, Lea-Nadine ; Seiler, Florian ; Krause, Dieter 
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 41 to 60 of 4116