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Collection's Items (Sorted by Einreichdatum in Absteigend order): 21 to 40 of 2006
30-Okt-2017Geometrical effects on the concentrated behavior of heat flux in metamaterials thermal harvesting devicesXu, Guoqiang ; Zhang, Haochun ; Xie, Ming ; Jin, Yan 
10-Aug-2017Concurring urbanizations? Understanding the simultaneity of sub-and re-urbanization trends with the help of migration figures in BerlinHierse, Lin ; Nuissl, Henning ; Beran, Fabian ; Czarnetzki, Felix 
21-Aug-2017Effect of processing route on the microstructure and mechanical properties of hot work tool steelBesler, Robert ; Bauer, Markus ; Furlan, Kaline Pagnan ; Klein, Aloisio Nelmo ; Janßen, Rolf 
28-Aug-2014Integration of oxygen-containing exhaust gas into the air separation unit of an oxyfuel power plantDickmeis, Jens ; Kather, Alfons 
21-Feb-2013Draft genome sequence of type strain Clostridium pasteurianum DSM 525 (ATCC 6013) : a promising producer of chemicals and fuelsRappert, Sugima ; Song, Lifu ; Sabra, Wael ; Wang, Wei ; Zeng, An-Ping 
28-Aug-2014Liquefaction of oxyfuel flue gases : experimental results and modeling of heat transfer coefficients for pure CO2Küster, Thorsten ; Eggers, Rudolf 
30-Sep-2016Smart control for functional electrical stimulation with optimal pulse intensityReinert, Aljoscha ; Loitz, Jan C. ; Quandt, Fanny ; Schröder, Dietmar ; Krautschneider, Wolfgang H. 
27-Nov-2018Dynamic simulation and comparison of different configurations for a coupled energy system with 100% renewablesBode, Carsten ; Schmitz, Gerhard 
31-Aug-2018Elastocapillarity in nanopores: sorption strain from the actions of surface tension and surface stressGor, Gennady Y. ; Huber, Patrick ; Weißmüller, Jörg 
2011Systematic development of lightweight components for highly dynamic laser-remote-scanners using topology optimizationEmmelmann, Claus ; Kirchhoff, Marc ; Beckmann, Frank 
2011Analysis of the influence of burst-mode laser ablation by modern quality toolsEmmelmann, Claus ; Urbina, Juan Pablo Calderón 
2-Okt-2018Thy-1 deficiency augments bone loss in obesity by affecting bone formation and resorptionPicke, Ann-Kristin ; Campbell, Graeme M. ; Schmidt, Felix N. ; Busse, Björn ; Rauner, Martina ; Simon, Jan C. ; Anderegg, Ulf ; Hofbauer, Lorenz C. ; Saalbach, Anja 
30-Sep-2016A flexible standalone system with integrated sensor feedback for multi-pad electrode FES of the handLoitz, Jan C. ; Reinert, Aljoscha ; Neumann, Ann-Kristin ; Quandt, Fanny ; Schröder, Dietmar ; Krautschneider, Wolfgang H. 
2011Derivation of power loss factors to evaluate the impact of post-combustion CO2 capture processes on steam power plant performanceLinnenberg, Sebastian ; Liebenthal, Ulrich ; Oexmann, Jochen ; Kather, Alfons 
5-Aug-2013Evaluation and comparison of the part load behaviour of the CO2 capture technologies oxyfuel and post-combustionRoeder, Volker ; Hasenbein, Christoph ; Kather, Alfons 
9-Sep-2016Thermal behavior of friction clutch disc based on uniform pressure and uniform wear assumptionsAbdullah, Oday I. ; Schlattmann, Josef 
12-Sep-2018Comparison of three methods of length compensation in a parallel kinematic and their equivalence conditionsDu, Shucen ; Schlattmann, Josef ; Schulz, Stefan ; Seibel, Arthur 
2019Near-field radiative heat transfer with hyperbolic metamaterialsLang, Slawa 
24-Jul-2018Thinner and better: (Ultra-)low grammage bacterial cellulose nanopaper-reinforced polylactide composite laminatesHervy, Martin ; Bock, Frederic ; Lee, Koon-Yang 
21-Sep-2018Dynamic simulation of different transport options of renewable hydrogen to a refinery in a coupled energy system approachAndresen, Lisa ; Bode, Carsten ; Schmitz, Gerhard 
Collection's Items (Sorted by Einreichdatum in Absteigend order): 21 to 40 of 2006