Unterwasser-Rammschall : eine Herausforderung bei der Errichtung von Offshore-Windparks und für die numerische Simulation [Underwater noise due to pile driving : a challenge both for the installation of offshore wind energy farms and for numerical simulation]

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Estorff, Otto von
Heitmann, Kristof
Lippert, Stephan
Lippert, Tristan
Reimann, Katja
Ruhnau, Marcel
Schwarz, Matthias
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Offshore wind energy is a key technology towards the extension of renewable energy. State of the art foundations for wind turbines are based on pile driving, where steel piles are driven deeply into the seafloor by a hydraulic hammer. As a result of this pile driving, significant sound emissions into the surrounding water column occur that can have harmful effects on marine life, like e.g. the harbor porpoise. At present, various sound mitigation measures are being developed and tested under offshore conditions. Within the scope of the research project "BORA - Berechnung von Offshore-Rammschall", a profound model to predict near and far field sound levels with respect to varying foundation structures as well as different sound mitigation measures is being developed. Extensive offshore tests serve as model validation. This article provides insight into the pile driving noise problematic and the current state of research of the BORA project.
Larmbekampfung 2 (8): 61-71 (2013)