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Title: Numerical Simulation of Propeller-Rudder Interaction for Non-Cavitating and Cavitating Flows Using Different Approaches
Language: English
Authors: Berger, Stephan  
Scharf, Martin 
Göttsche, Ulf  
Neitzel-Petersen, Jan Clemens  
Angerbauer, Rupert Michael  
Abdel-Maksoud, Moustafa  
Editor: Kinnas, Spyros A. 
Keywords: Propeller-rudder interaction; Viscous/inviscid coupling; Rudder performance; Rudder cavitation
Issue Date: 2015
Source: International Symposium on Marine Propulsors (smp 2015)
Abstract (english): 
The present article deals with the numerical investigation of propeller-rudder interaction. The involved simulation method is based on coupling a RANS solver and a potential-theory based panel method, where the panel method primarily handles the propeller flow and the RANS solver is used for the simulation of the complex rudder flow. Compared to full RANS simulations, this separation allows numerical investigations in a time-saving manner. In a numerical study, a rudder-propeller combination is evaluated by means of the developed simulation method for different propeller advance coefficients and rudder angles. Rudder cavitation is also adressed. The results are compared to results obtained by a full RANS simulation.
Conference: 4th International Symposium on Marine Propulsors 2015 
Institute: Fluiddynamik und Schiffstheorie M-8 
Document Type: Chapter/Article (Proceedings)
Project: KonKav II 
Entwicklung eines hybriden Verfahrens zur Berechnung der Schallabstrahlung von Schiffspropellern - Effiziente Simulation der Schallabstrahlung von Propellern unter Berücksichtigung von Kavitation m.e. hybriden Randelementeverfahren 
More Funding information: Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Technologie (BMWi)
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