Proceedings of the Hamburg International Conference of Logistics (HICL)

Proceedings of the Hamburg International Conference of Logistics (HICL)
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Issue DateVolume numberTitleAuthor(s)
121Oct-201723Fulltext availableOpen AccessE-Cash & E-Vouchers: the digitalization of the humanitarian aid and logisticsCohen, Loic ; Salaun, Vincent 
122Oct-201723Fulltext availableOpen AccessTowards a web based transportation infrastructureKleedorfer, Florian ; Huemer, Christian 
123Oct-201723Fulltext availableOpen AccessFramework for digitalized proactive supply chain risk managementDiedrich, Katharina 
124Oct-201723Fulltext availableOpen AccessDesign of a cyber-physical production system for semiconductor manufacturingKeil, Sophia 
125Oct-201724Fulltext availableOpen AccessAssessing and improving countries’ logistics skills and trainingMcKinnon, Alan C. ; Hoberg, Kai ; Petersen, Moritz  ; Busch, Christina 
126Oct-201723Fulltext availableOpen AccessUse case of self-organizing adaptive supply chainWagner, Julia ; Kontny, Henning 
127Oct-201724Fulltext availableOpen AccessReducing truck congestion at ports – classification and trendsLange, Ann-Kathrin  ; Schwientek, Anne  ; Jahn, Carlos 
128Oct-201724Fulltext availableOpen AccessDigitalization of logistics processes and the human perspectiveKuhlmann, Adina Silvia ; Klumpp, Matthias 
129Oct-201724Fulltext availableOpen AccessOptimizing distribution logistics within cities through time-slot deliveriesEngel, Tobias ; Wolfenstetter, Thomas ; Sakiotis, Nikolaos 
10Oct-201724Fulltext availableOpen AccessDigitized VMI – maturity model for the FMCG sectorDirnberger, Johannes ; Brunner, Uwe ; Zsifkovits, Helmut 
11Oct-201724Fulltext availableOpen AccessComparative analysis of synchromodality in major European seaportsBrümmerstedt, Katrin ; Meyer-Van Beek, Hendrik ; Münsterberg, Torsten 
12Oct-201724Fulltext availableOpen AccessInteractive planning and control for finished vehicle logisticsHoff-Hoffmeyer-Zlotnik, Marit ; Schukraft, Susanne ; Werthmann, Dirk ; Oelker, Stephan ; Freitag, Michael 
13Oct-201724Fulltext availableOpen AccessSmart logistics of organic waste collection in citiesBearzotti, Lorena ; Maturana, Javier ; Vega, Maria Isabel 
14Oct-201724Fulltext availableOpen AccessProduction flow valuation through VSM modeling : an industry case studySantos Hernández, Andrés Felipe ; Camargo Puentes, Angel David 
15Oct-201724Fulltext availableOpen AccessSimulation of climatic effects on temperature-controlled containerized cargoBarbarino, Sergio ; Klein, Oliver ; Müller, Rainer ; Rosa, Cory ; Sibomana, Philippe ; Wunsch, Alex 
16Oct-201723Fulltext availableOpen AccessAutomotive supply-chain requirements for a time-critical knowledge managementTietze, Ann-Carina ; Cirullies, Jan ; Otto, Boris 
17Oct-201723Fulltext availableOpen AccessBibliometric analysis of risk management in seaportsNagi, Ayman  ; Indorf, Marius ; Kersten, Wolfgang  
18Oct-201723Fulltext availableOpen AccessData mining and fault tolerance in warehousingReining, Christopher ; Bousbiba, Omar ; Jungen, Svenja ; Ten Hompel, Michael 
19Oct-201723Fulltext availableOpen AccessBusiness model innovation : a case of the offshore lifting equipment supplierShlopak, Mikhail ; Myhre, Richard ; Hofinger Jünge, Gabriele 
20Oct-201723Fulltext availableOpen AccessRelational view on collaborative supply chain disruption recoveriesBrüning, Marie ; Bendul, Julia