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11-Aug-2023The improvement of stochastic averaging method to solve the ship rolling response excited by narrow-band wavesLiu, Yaliu ; Liu, Liqin ; Maki, Atsuo ; Dostal, Leo ; Dostal, Leo 
21-Aug-2023Fulltext availableFirst passage times for nonlinear ship dynamics using Gaussian random fields and effective wavesDostal, Leo ; Hollm, Marten  ; Maki, Atsuo 
315-Jul-2023Estimation of acceleration probability density function for parametric rolling using PLIMMaruyama, Yuuki ; Maki, Atsuo ; Dostal, Leo ; Umeda, Naoya 
41-Jul-2023A rectified unidirectional rotary PTO for two-body wave energy convertersRezaei, Saeed ; Rahimi, Amir ; Parvizian, Jamshid ; Mansoorzadeh, Shahriar ; Düster, Alexander 
51-Dec-2022Fulltext availableInvestigation of the dynamics of a multibody wave energy converter excited by regular and irregular wavesHollm, Marten  ; Dostal, Leo ; Höhne, Joshua ; Yurchenko, Daniil ; Seifried, Robert  
615-Nov-2022Enhanced estimation method and approximation method of the PDF of roll angular acceleration and jerk in beam seasMaki, Atsuo ; Dostal, Leo ; Maruyama, Yuuki ; Sasa, Kenji ; Sakai, Masahiro ; Umeda, Naoya 
71-Oct-2022Dimensional optimization of a two-body Wave energy converter using response surface methodologyRezaei, Saeed ; Rahimi, Amir ; Parvizian, Jamshid ; Mansourzadeh, Shahriar ; Düster, Alexander 
81-Sep-2022Hydroelastic potential flow solver suited for nonlinear wave dynamics in ice-covered watersHartmann, Moritz Cornelius Nikolaus  ; Onorato, Miguel ; De Vita, Francesco ; Clauss, Günther F. ; Ehlers, Sören ; von Bock und Polach, Rüdiger Ulrich Franz  ; Schmitz, Lars ; Hoffmann, Norbert  ; Klein, Marco  
91-Jul-2022Characteristics and consequences of vortex wandering around a ship hull at drift: a numerical studyFeder, Dag-Frederik  ; Shevchuk, Ivan ; Sahab, Ahmed  ; Abdel-Maksoud, Moustafa  
101-Jul-2022Predicting compressive strength and behavior of ice and analyzing feature importance with explainable machine learning modelsKellner, Leon  ; Stender, Merten ; von Bock und Polach, Rüdiger Ulrich Franz  ; Ehlers, Sören 
111-May-2022The applicability of stochastic averaging method to solve the ship rolling response excited by narrow-band wavesLiu, Yaliu ; Liu, Liqin ; Dostal, Leo ; Lu, Jiang 
121-Jan-2022Assessment of EFD and CFD capability for KRISO Container Ship added power in head and oblique wavesSanada, Yugo ; Kim, Dong Hwan ; Sadat-Hosseini, Hamid ; Stern, Frederick ; Hossain, Md Alfaz ; Wu, Ping Chen ; Toda, Yasuyuki ; Otzen, Janne ; Simonsen, Claus ; Abdel-Maksoud, Moustafa  ; Scharf, Martin ; Grigoropoulos, Gregory 
131-Dec-2021OC6 Phase Ib: Validation of the CFD predictions of difference-frequency wave excitation on a FOWT semisubmersibleWang, Lu ; Robertson, Amy ; Jonkman, Jason ; Yu, Yi Hsiang ; Koop, Arjen ; Borràs Nadal, Adrià ; Li, Haoran ; Bachynski, Erin E. ; Pinguet, Romain ; Shi, Wei ; Zeng, Xinmeng ; Zhou, Yang ; Xiao, Qing ; Kumar, Rupesh ; Sarlak, Hamid ; Ransley, Edward ; Brown, Scott ; Hann, Martyn ; Netzband, Stefan ; Wermbter, Malwin ; Méndez López, Beatriz 
1415-Sep-2021noiseNet: A neural network to predict marine propellers’ underwater radiated noiseWang, Youjiang  ; Wang, Keqi ; Abdel-Maksoud, Moustafa  
1515-Aug-2021Introducing envelope soliton solutions for wave–structure investigationsKlein, Marco  ; Clauss, Günther F. ; Hoffmann, Norbert  
1615-May-2021Probability analysis of PIT distribution on corroded ballast tankNugroho, Firman A. ; Braun, Moritz  ; Ehlers, Sören 
1712-Feb-2021Fulltext availableOpen AccessTime domain simulations of piston-like resonant flow in the gap of an oscillating twin-hull using inviscid and viscous flow solversMarleaux, Patrick  ; Simonis, Hendrik ; Abdel-Maksoud, Moustafa  
181-Nov-2020The influence of the drainage regime on the installation and the response to vertical cyclic loading of suction caissons in dense sandStapelfeldt, Marc ; Bienen, Britta ; Grabe, Jürgen 
191-Oct-2020Coupling wake alignment lifting line method and boundary element method for open water and unsteady propeller simulationWang, Youjiang  ; Abdel-Maksoud, Moustafa  
201-Mar-2020Analysis of the flow conditions between the bottoms of the ship and of the waterwayBöttner, Carl Uwe ; Anschau, Pascal ; Shevchuk, Ivan