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124-Oct-2022Fulltext availableOpen AccessQuality changes of low-density polyethylene (LDPE) recyclates from the pretreatment process with a cationic surfactant and a nonionic surfactant as cleaning agents upstream of extrusionGuo, Jinyang ; Kim, Youngju ; Chong, Zhi Kai  ; Alassali, Ayah ; Chacon Castro, José ; Gottschalk, Dieter ; Kitzberger, Magdalena ; Kuchta, Kerstin 
220-Oct-2022Fulltext availableOpen AccessUse of multiscale data-driven surrogate models for flowsheet simulation of an industrial zeolite production processSkorych, Vasyl ; Buchholz, Moritz  ; Dosta, Maksym ; Baust, Helene Katharina ; Gleiß, Marco ; Haus, Johannes ; Weis, Dominik ; Hammerich, Simon ; Kiedorf, Gregor ; Asprion, Norbert ; Nirschl, Hermann ; Kleine Jäger, Frank ; Heinrich, Stefan 
320-Oct-2022Fulltext availableOpen AccessConcept of an enzymatic reactive extraction centrifugeMeyer, Francesca ; Gasimov, Nijat ; Bubenheim, Paul  ; Waluga, Thomas 
418-Aug-2022Fulltext availableOpen AccessSpecial issue “Bioprocess systems engineering applications in pharmaceutical manufacturing”Pörtner, Ralf  ; Möller, Johannes 
5Aug-2022Fulltext availableOpen AccessScale-up strategies of jet loop reactors for the intensification of mass transfer limited reactionsMaly, Marc ; Schaper, Steffen ; Kuwertz, Rafael ; Hoffmann, Marko ; Heck, Joachim ; Schlüter, Michael 
628-Jul-2022Fulltext availableOpen AccessTopology-based initialization for the optimization-based design of heteroazeotropic distillation processesKruber, Kai ; Skiborowski, Mirko 
730-Jun-2022Fulltext availableOpen AccessProduct-property guided scale-up of a fluidized bed spray granulation process using the CFD-DEM methodKieckhefen, Paul  ; Pietsch-Braune, Swantje  ; Heinrich, Stefan 
811-Mar-2022Fulltext availableOpen AccessComparison of Knudsen diffusion and the dusty gas approach for the modeling of the freeze-drying process of bulk food productsLevin, Patrick ; Buchholz, Moritz  ; Meunier, Vincent ; Kessler, Ulrich ; Palzer, Stefan ; Heinrich, Stefan 
95-Jan-2022Fulltext availableOpen AccessNew insights from locally resolved hydrodynamics in stirred cell culture reactorsFreiberger, Fabian ; Budde, Jens ; Ateş, Eda ; Schlüter, Michael ; Pörtner, Ralf  ; Möller, Johannes 
104-Sep-2021Fulltext availableOpen AccessCounter-Current Suspension Extraction Process of Lignocellulose in Biorefineries to Reach Low Water Consumption, High Extraction Yields, and Extract ConcentrationsConrad, Marc ; Smirnova, Irina  
1123-Jul-2021Fulltext availableOpen AccessInfluence of freezing parameters on the formation of internal porous structure and its impact on freeze-drying kineticsLevin, Patrick ; Meunier, Vincent ; Kessler, Ulrich ; Heinrich, Stefan 
12Jun-2021Fulltext availableOpen AccessValidation of novel Lattice Boltzmann Large Eddy Simulations (LB LES) for equipment characterization in biopharmaKuschel, Maike ; Fitschen, Jürgen ; Hoffmann, Marko ; Kameke, Alexandra von ; Schlüter, Michael ; Wucherpfennig, Thomas 
13Jun-2021Fulltext availableOpen AccessConsiderations of the impacts of cell-specific growth and production rate on clone selection : a simulation studyHernández Rodríguez, Tanja ; Morerod, Sophie ; Pörtner, Ralf  ; Wurm, Florian M. ; Frahm, Björn 
146-Apr-2021Fulltext availableOpen AccessRecent advances in fluidized bed hydrodynamics and transport phenomena : progress and understandingDi Renzo, Alberto ; Scala, Fabrizio ; Heinrich, Stefan 
15Mar-2021Fulltext availableOpen AccessDigital twins for tissue culture techniques : concepts, expectations, and state of the artMöller, Johannes ; Pörtner, Ralf  
162-Jan-2021Fulltext availableOpen AccessIntegration of artificial intelligence into biogas plant operationCinar, Samet ; Önen, Senem ; Wieczorek, Nils ; Ihsanullah, Sohoo  ; Kuchta, Kerstin 
17Jan-2021Fulltext availableOpen AccessModeling and flowsheet simulation of vibrated fluidized bed dryersLehmann, Soeren E.  ; Buchholz, Moritz  ; Jongsma, Alfred ; Innings, Fredrik ; Heinrich, Stefan 
1819-Oct-2020Fulltext availableOpen AccessNMPC-based workflow for simultaneous process and model development applied to a fed-batch process for recombinant C. glutamicumLevermann, Philipp ; Freiberger, Fabian ; Katha, Uma ; Zaun, Henning ; Möller, Johannes ; Hass, Volker C. ; Schoop, Karl Michael ; Kuballa, Jürgen ; Pörtner, Ralf  
1918-Sep-2020Fulltext availableOpen AccessPotential Dynamics of CO2 Stream Composition and Mass Flow Rates in CCS ClustersKahlke, Sven-Lasse ; Pumpa, Martin ; Schütz, Stefan ; Kather, Alfons ; Rütters, Heike 
204-Sep-2020Fulltext availableOpen AccessBubble properties in bubbling and turbulent fluidized beds for particles of Geldart’s group BWytrwat, Tom ; Yazdanpanah, Mahdi ; Heinrich, Stefan