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Computational Mechanics
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114-Nov-2022Fulltext availableOpen Accessh-Adaptive radial basis function finite difference method for linear elasticity problemsTóth, Balázs ; Düster, Alexander 
229-Jun-2022Fulltext availableOpen AccessNon-negative moment fitting quadrature for cut finite elements and cells undergoing large deformationsGarhuom, Wadhah  ; Düster, Alexander 
36-Jun-2022Fulltext availableOpen AccessAccelerating the distance-minimizing method for data-driven elasticity with adaptive hyperparametersNguyen, Lu Trong Khiem ; Aydin, Roland C. ; Cyron, Christian J. 
430-Jan-2022Fulltext availableOpen AccessAn eigenvalue stabilization technique to increase the robustness of the finite cell method for finite strain problemsGarhuom, Wadhah  ; Usman, Khuldoon ; Düster, Alexander 
530-Jul-2020Fulltext availableOpen AccessDirichlet absorbing boundary conditions for classical and peridynamic diffusion-type modelsShojaei, Arman ; Hermann, Alexander ; Seleson, Pablo ; Cyron, Christian J. 
6Feb-2020Selective enrichment of moment fitting and application to cut finite elements and cellsDüster, Alexander ; Allix, Olivier 
715-May-2019The spectral cell method for wave propagation in heterogeneous materials simulated on multiple GPUs and CPUsMossaiby, Farshid ; Joulaian, Meysam ; Düster, Alexander 
81-Mar-2018Adjoint shape optimization for fluid–structure interaction of ducted flowsHeners, Jan Philipp ; Radtke, Lars ; Hinze, Michael ; Düster, Alexander 
910-Jan-2018Toward transient finite element simulation of thermal deformation of machine tools in real-timeNaumann, Andreas ; Ruprecht, Daniel  ; Wensch, Jörg 
1018-Jul-2017Numerical integration of discontinuous functions: moment fitting and smart octreeHubrich, Simeon ; Di Stolfo, Paolo ; Kudela, Laszlo ; Kollmannsberger, Stefan ; Rank, Ernst ; Schröder, Andreas ; Düster, Alexander 
1130-Jan-2017An extension of the finite cell method using boolean operationsAbedian, Alireza ; Düster, Alexander 
121-Jun-2016Convergence acceleration for partitioned simulations of the fluid-structure interaction in arteriesRadtke, Lars ; Larena-Avellaneda, Axel ; Debus, Eike Sebastian ; Düster, Alexander 
131-Jun-2016Numerical integration of discontinuities on arbitrary domains based on moment fittingJoulaian, Meysam ; Hubrich, Simeon ; Düster, Alexander 
142-Apr-2013Local enrichment of the finite cell method for problems with material interfacesJoulaian, Meysam ; Düster, Alexander 
1518-Sep-2009Fulltext availableOpen AccessNumerical investigations of foam-like materials by nested high-order finite element methodsSehlhorst, Hans-Georg ; Jänicke, Ralf ; Düster, Alexander ; Rank, Ernst ; Steeb, Holger ; Diebels, Stefan