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15-Jul-2021Paraelectric KH₂PO₄ nanocrystals in monolithic mesoporous silica: Structure and lattice dynamicsArticleShchur, Yaroslav ; Kityk, Andriy V. ; Strelchuk, Viktor V. ; Nikolenko, Andrii S. ; Andrushchak, Nazariy A. ; Huber, Patrick  ; Andrushchak, Anatoliy 
215-Jun-2021Nanoporous gold-polypyrrole hybrid electrochemical actuators with tunable elasticityArticleLi, Jie ; Markmann, Jürgen ; Weissmüller, Jörg ; Mameka, Nadiia 
317-May-2021Fulltext availableOpen AccessImaging the deformation-induced accumulation of defects in nanoporous goldArticleLiu, Maowen ; Weissmüller, Jörg 
415-May-2021Molecular dynamics and electrical conductivity of Guanidinium based ionic liquid crystals: Influence of cation headgroup configurationArticleKolmangadi, Mohamed A. ; Yildirim, Arda ; Sentker, Kathrin ; Butschies, Martin ; Bühlmeyer, Andrea ; Huber, Patrick  ; Laschat, Sabine ; Schönhals, Andreas 
59-Apr-2021Fulltext availableOpen AccessEffect of the residual silver and adsorbed lead anions towards the electrocatalytic methanol oxidation on nanoporous gold in alkaline mediaArticleSilva Olaya, Alex Ricardo ; Zandersons, Birthe ; Wittstock, Gunther 
62-Apr-2021Fulltext availableOpen AccessA dataset combining microcompression and nanoindentation data from finite element simulations of nanoporous metalsDatasetHuber, Norbert 
75-Mar-2021Scaling behavior of stiffness and strength of hierarchical network nanomaterialsArticleShi, Shan ; Li, Yong  ; Ngo, Dinh Bao Nam  ; Markmann, Jürgen ; Weissmüller, Jörg 
813-Feb-2021Fulltext availableOpen AccessModelling the effect of intrinsic radiation damage on mechanical properties : the crystalline-to-amorphous transition in zirconArticleHuber, Norbert ; Beirau, Tobias 
92021Fulltext availableOpen AccessKorrosionssimulation von pressgehärteten Stählen und Filiformfäden auf AluminiumThesisGießgen, Tom 
102021Fulltext availableOpen AccessDissimilar titanium and titanium aluminide joints manufactured by laser beam welding and laser additive manufacturingThesisBurkhardt, Irmela 
112021Fulltext availableOpen AccessDamage tolerance behaviour of integral aircraft structures obtained by stationary shoulder friction stir weldingThesisBarbini, Alessandro 
121-Dec-2020Fulltext availableOpen AccessPrecursor film spreading during liquid imbibition in nanoporous photonic crystalsArticleCencha, Luisa G. ; Dittrich, Guido ; Huber, Patrick  ; Berli, Claudio L. A. ; Urteaga, Raul 
1317-Nov-2020Fulltext availableOpen AccessProbing the electrolyte transfer in ultrathin polypyrrole films by In situ X-ray reflectivity and electrochemistryArticleLakner, Pirmin H. ; Brinker, Manuel ; Seitz, Christoph ; Jacobse, Leon ; Vonk, Vedran ; Lippmann, Milena ; Volkov, S. A. ; Huber, Patrick  ; Keller, Thomas F. 
144-Nov-2020Fulltext availableOpen AccessNanoporous-gold-polypyrrole hybrid materials for millimeter-sized free standing actuatorsArticleRoschning, Benedikt ; Weissmüller, Jörg 
151-Oct-2020Electrical Conductivity and Multiple Glassy Dynamics of Crown Ether-Based Columnar Liquid CrystalsArticleYildirim, Arda ; Kolmangadi, Mohamed A. ; Bühlmeyer, Andrea ; Huber, Patrick  ; Laschat, Sabine ; Schönhals, Andreas 
1630-Sep-2020Fulltext availableOpen AccessGiant electrochemical actuation in a nanoporous silicon-polypyrrole hybrid materialArticleBrinker, Manuel ; Dittrich, Guido ; Richert, Claudia ; Lakner, Pirmin ; Krekeler, Tobias ; Keller, Thomas F. ; Huber, Norbert ; Huber, Patrick  
1725-Aug-2020Fulltext availableOpen AccessRestructuring of nanoporous gold surfaces during electrochemical cycling in acidic and alkaline mediaArticleSilva Olaya, Alex Ricardo ; Zandersons, Birthe ; Wittstock, Gunther 
1825-Aug-2020Fulltext availableOpen AccessMechanical properties of zircon for varying degree of amorphization predicted by finite element simulationsDatasetHuber, Norbert ; Beirau, Tobias 
19Aug-2020Liquid crystals confined in nanoporous solids : from fundamentals to functionalities of integrated material systemsChapter (Book)Huber, Patrick  ; Sentker, Kathrin ; Busch, Mark  ; Kityk, Andriy V. 
2024-Jul-2020Fulltext availableOpen AccessA review of experimentally informed micromechanical modeling of nanoporous metals: From structural descriptors to predictive structure-property relationshipsArticleRichert, Claudia ; Huber, Norbert