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Issue DateTitleTypeAuthor(s)
11-Mar-2023Sidelink Evolution Toward 5G-A/6G Future Considerations for Standardization of Group CommunicationsArticleShrivastava, Rudraksh ; Hegde, Sudeep ; Blume, Oliver 
210-Feb-2023Fulltext availableOpen AccessImplementation and evaluation of age of information in status update systems using a 6TiSCH testbedProject ThesisBecker, Laura 
3Dec-2022Optimizing the Performance of the Interaction-based Caching in CCNChapter/Article (Proceedings)Derakhshan, Fariborz ; Timm-Giel, Andreas  
414-Nov-2022Fulltext availableOpen AccessA novel approach to enhance the end-to-end quality of service for avionic wireless sensor networksArticleShudrenko, Yevhenii  ; Plöger, Daniel  ; Kuladinithi, Koojana  ; Timm-Giel, Andreas  
5Sep-2022Emergency Braking With ACC: How Much Does V2V Communication Help?ArticleSidorenko, Galina ; Plöger, Daniel  ; Thunberg, Johan ; Vinel, Alexey 
6Sep-2022Deep Learning-Based Dynamic Spectrum Access for Coexistence of Aeronautical Communication SystemsChapter/Article (Proceedings)Kopyto, David Jonas ; Lindner, Sebastian  ; Schulz, Leonard Paul ; Stolpmann, Daniel  ; Bauch, Gerhard ; Timm-Giel, Andreas  
730-Jun-2022Fulltext availableOpen AccessMachine learning-based dynamic spectrum access for aircraft-to-aircraft communication under coexistence with legacy radio systemsThesisAlgarra Ulierte, Teresa de Jesus  
8Jun-2022AODV-LD: Link Duration Based Routing for Multi-Hop Aircraft-to-Ground CommunicationChapter/Article (Proceedings)Fuger, Konrad  ; Petersen, Christoph  ; Timm-Giel, Andreas  
9May-2022Interaction-based Caching in Content-Centric NetworkingChapter/Article (Proceedings)Derakhshan, Fariborz ; Timm-Giel, Andreas  
10Mar-2022Using Integer Compositions to Model End-To-End Delay in Wireless Sensor Networks under 6TiSCHChapter/Article (Proceedings)Shudrenko, Yevhenii  ; Timm-Giel, Andreas  
112022Distributed utility-based real-time power flow optimization in ICT-enabled low voltage distribution gridsArticleIpach, Hanko  ; Fisser, Leonard  ; Becker, Christian  ; Timm-Giel, Andreas  
122022Comparison of Contention-Based vs Timeslotted Channel Hopping Medium Access in Wireless Sensor Networks under Noisy EnvironmentChapter/Article (Proceedings)Shudrenko, Yevhenii  ; Kuladinithi, Koojana  ; Timm-Giel, Andreas  
132022Analysis of the IEEE 802.11 DCF for Wireless Seismic Data Acquisition NetworksChapter/Article (Proceedings)Makama, Aliyu  ; Kuladinithi, Koojana  ; Timm-Giel, Andreas  
14Nov-2021Information-Decay-Aware Adaptive Sensor Weighting Control for Safe High-Density PlatooningChapter/Article (Proceedings)Plöger, Daniel  ; Hegde, Sudeep ; Blume, Oliver ; Shrivastava, Rudraksh ; Timm-Giel, Andreas  
15Oct-2021Evaluation of cluster effect in mobile opportunistic networksChapter/Article (Proceedings)Vatandas, Zeynep  ; Kuladinithi, Koojana  ; Killat, Ulrich ; Timm-Giel, Andreas  
16Oct-2021Minimizing Age of Information for Distributed Control in Smart GridsChapter/Article (Proceedings)Fisser, Leonard  ; Timm-Giel, Andreas  
1717-Sep-2021Fulltext availableOpen AccessUtility-based operation management for low voltage distribution grids using online optimizationArticleIpach, Hanko  ; Fisser, Leonard  ; Becker, Christian  ; Timm-Giel, Andreas  
18Sep-2021High-density platooning in cellular vehicle-to-everything systems: on the importance of communication-aware networked control designArticleHegde, Sudeep ; Plöger, Daniel  ; Shrivastava, Rudraksh ; Blume, Oliver ; Timm-Giel, Andreas  
1930-Jul-2021Fulltext availableOpen AccessWireless geophone networks for land seismic data acquisition: a survey, tutorial and performance evaluationArticleMakama, Aliyu  ; Kuladinithi, Koojana  ; Timm-Giel, Andreas  
202021Fulltext availableOpen AccessEvaluation of multi-hop ad-hoc routing protocols in wireless seismic data acquisitionArticleMakama, Aliyu  ; Kuladinithi, Koojana  ; Ahmed Eltayeb Ahmed, Musab ; Timm-Giel, Andreas