UfIB: Neue Technologien zur Entwicklung von Prozessführungsstrategien für enzymatische Prozesse unter hohem Druck-EnzymProzess

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New technologies for the development of process control strategies for enzymatic processes under high pressure
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Arndt, Lukas
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Project Abstract
For novel biocatalytic processes, there is a particular challenge in the complex, predominantly experimental process development due to complex, changeable substrates and complex process dynamics. Here, efficient, model-based process development strategies are required. Such approaches are currently not as important in the design of biocatalytic processes as in the large-scale chemical industry. In particular, pressure as a process-relevant variable in enzymatic reactions requires new solution concepts for process control.
The planned project will develop and validate novel, model-based tools for process development and control for enzymatic biotechnological processes under high pressure. For this purpose, e.g. model-assisted experimental design to determine kinetic parameters, model-assisted design-of-experiment, or model-based process development and management strategies such as the Open Loop Feedback Optimal (OLFO) strategy will be applied. The goal is to combine these model-assisted approaches into an overall development strategy in order to make process development more efficient. While the TUHH, AG Pörtner reported initial results on this promising development strategy for microbial and cell culture processes, this has not yet been pursued for enzymatic processes.