Beschaffung eines Großgerätes: Magnetresonanztomograph

Project Title
Magnetic Resonance Imaging System
Funding Code
INST 153/152-1 FUGG
Principal Investigator
Project Abstract
Reactive multiphase flows can be found in almost all process engineering manufacturing processes and are characterized by solid and fluid interfaces, which significantly influence the heat and mass transfer as well as the mixing and reaction. In heterogeneously catalyzed reactions, the reaction takes place at the interface. In two DFG Priority Programs of the Hamburger Verfahrenstechnik, it was shown that the local control of interfacial effects in multiphase flows enables a significant increase in product yield and quality. These findings now need to be transferred to apparatuses and reactors in process engineering in order to achieve significantly more efficient and sustainable processes. This research task meets ideal conditions at the TUHH, since various plants are operated under industrial conditions and on an industrial scale. From measured local flow, temperature and concentration fields, a digital database is to be created, which not only allows diagnostic imaging but also operando process control and optimization. However, such a digitization of process engineering can only be achieved with the aid of a non-invasive, spatially and temporally high-resolution measurement technique, which can also be used in opaque multiphase flows. With the magnetic resonance tomography applied for here, a new research direction should therefore be initiated, which in the future will be represented at the TUHH by the professorship "Bildgebende Prozesstechnik" and represents an ideal cooperation platform for universities and research institutions in Hamburg and north Germany. A DFG Sonderforschungsbereich is under preparation and will be ideally complemented by this facility.