Python-basierte Simulation von Interconnect-Leistung und Verbindungs-Bitfehlerraten

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Python-based Simulation of Interconnect Performance and Link Bit Error Rates
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Project Abstract
The project PhyBER is used for the analysis of link topologies. It will be used for the simulation of statistical eye diagrams based on scattering parameters. The tool will support different line codings and signal shapes. Furthermore, channel coding will be available as well. It will be possible to include jitter and crosstalk in the analysis. The program also contains equalizers and algorithms for their optimization. An interface to metrics like the channel operating margin (COM) [1] will be present as well and could be used for an estimation of signal quality. With the help of the polynomial chaos expansion (PCE) [2] it will be possible to conduct a computational efficient sensitivity analysis. Using external python tools [3] neural networks can be trained and used for the prediction of link behavior.