Gleichstromenergieversorgung für Schiffe; Konzepterstellung und Optimierung der Energieverteilung sowie Sektorenkopplung auf Schiffen unter Berücksichtigung dezentraler Energieerzeugung und Verteilung auf DC

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Sustainable DC-Systems – DC-Power Systems on Ships
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Project Abstract
The joint project SuSy investigates the usability of DC power systems on ships. The main focus of the project is to increase the energy distribution efficiency as well as the renewable energy system capacity. In order to comply with the economies of scale, the concepts should be usable for a wide variety of ship types in form of a modular toolbox. The project makes an important contribution to the largely discussed topic of environmentally friendly maritime technologies under the aspects of efficient ship operation, efficient propulsion as well as CO2-emission optimized operation. The project includes measures to increase efficiency through sector coupling in the area of heat and electrical energy, which will be demonstrated not only individual system but also in a ship wide power system. Furthermore, there will be defined interfaces for all levels of the proposed grid structure, which enable the simple integration of renewable energies or electrical storage systems. The currently favored coupling between AC and DC grids, which do not meet the future requirements, will be investigated and new cost-efficient systems as well as cost reducing measures will be developed. Scientific researches provide the theoretical basis for innovative power systems, the adaption to ship systems on the other hand will be part of this project. By using a modular ship type independent approach, this technology represents a possible new standard for a wide variety of ship types.


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