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115-Nov-2021Decentralized brackish water reverse osmosis desalination plant based on PV and pumped storage - Technical analysisArticleSanna, Anas ; Buchspies, Benedikt ; Ernst, Mathias  ; Kaltschmitt, Martin 
28-Sep-2021Fulltext availableOpen AccessOpportunities and Challenges of the European Green Deal for the Chemical Industry: An Approach Measuring Innovations in BioeconomyArticleThormann, Lisa ; Neuling, Ulf ; Kaltschmitt, Martin 
327-Jul-2021Fulltext availableOpen AccessFuel improvement measures for particulate matter emission reduction during corn cob combustionArticleDragutinovic, Natasa  ; Höfer, Isabel ; Kaltschmitt, Martin 
415-Jul-2021Inorganic PM and K emissions during ashing of solid biofuels and Kaolinite – Data measurement in laboratory scaleArticleHöfer, Isabel ; Gollmer, Christian  ; Kaltschmitt, Martin 
5Jul-2021Life cycle assessment of electricity generation from combustion and gasification of biomass in MexicoArticleParascanu, Maria Magdalena ; Kaltschmitt, Martin ; Rödl, Anne ; Soreanu, Gabriela ; Sánchez-Silva, L. 
6Jul-2021Influence of Ca- and Al-additives on the pollutant emissions from blends of wood and straw in small-scale combustionArticleHöfer, Isabel ; Hülsmann, Theresa ; Kaltschmitt, Martin 
7Jun-2021Production of xylo-oligosaccharides from wheat straw using microwave assisted deep eutectic solvent pretreatmentArticleIsci Yakan, Asli ; Thieme, Nils ; Lamp, Anne ; Zverlov, Vladimir ; Kaltschmitt, Martin 
8Jun-2021Autoclave pre-treatment of foliage – Effects of temperature, residence time and water content on solid biofuel propertiesArticleKulbeik, Tim-André ; Scherzinger, Marvin ; Höfer, Isabel ; Kaltschmitt, Martin 
927-May-2021Joint examination of fuel-related measures for the improvement of corn cob combustion propertiesArticleDragutinovic, Natasa  ; Höfer, Isabel ; Kaltschmitt, Martin 
102-May-2021Fulltext availableOpen AccessLife cycle assessment of bioethanol production : a review of feedstock, technology and methodologyArticleSoleymani Angili, Tahereh ; Grzesik, Katarzyna ; Rödl, Anne ; Kaltschmitt, Martin 
11May-2021A GHG reduction obligation for sustainableaviation fuels (SAF) in the EU and in GermanyArticleBullerdiek, Nils ; Neuling, Ulf ; Kaltschmitt, Martin 
129-Apr-2021Fulltext availableOpen AccessEffects of vapothermal pretreatment on anaerobic degradability of common reedArticleScherzinger, Marvin ; Kaltschmitt, Martin ; Thoma, Mario 
13Mar-2021Thermal pre-treatment options to enhance anaerobic digestibility – A reviewReview (Article)Scherzinger, Marvin ; Kaltschmitt, Martin 
144-Feb-2021Modelling of photovoltaic-thermal collectors for the provision of electricity and low temperature heat—Comparison of different flow rate control approaches to optimize the electrical yieldResearch PaperChrist, Daniel ; Kaltschmitt, Martin 
15Feb-2021Laboratory-scale additive content assessment for aluminum-silicate-based wood chip additivationArticleGollmer, Christian  ; Höfer, Isabel ; Kaltschmitt, Martin 
16Jan-2021Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carriers and alternatives for international transport of renewable hydrogenArticleNiermann, Matthias ; Timmerberg, Sebastian ; Drünert, Sebastian ; Kaltschmitt, Martin 
172021Recovery and recycling of deep eutectic solvents in biomass conversions: a reviewReview (Article)Isci Yakan, Asli ; Kaltschmitt, Martin 
1817-Dec-2020Fulltext availableOpen AccessAnalysis of the German industry to determine the resource potential of CO2 emissions for PtX applications in 2017 and 2050ArticleZitscher, Tjerk ; Neuling, Ulf ; Habersetzer, Antoine ; Kaltschmitt, Martin 
19Dec-2020Potential changes in GHG emissions arising from the introduction of biorefineries combining biofuel and electrofuel production within the European Union – A location specific assessmentArticleBuchspies, Benedikt ; Kaltschmitt, Martin ; Neuling, Ulf 
201-Nov-2020Power-to-Liquid fuels for aviation – Processes, resources and supply potential under German conditionsArticleDrünert, Sebastian ; Neuling, Ulf ; Zitscher, Tjerk ; Kaltschmitt, Martin