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124-Oct-2020Towards micro robot hydrobatics: Vision-based guidance, navigation, and control for agile underwater vehicles in confined environmentsChapter/Article (Proceedings)Dücker, Daniel-André  ; Bauschmann, Nathalie ; Hansen, Tim ; Kreuzer, Edwin ; Seifried, Robert  
230-Sep-2020RGB-D Camera-based Navigation for Autonomous Underwater Inspection using Low-cost Micro AUVsChapter/Article (Proceedings)Duecker, Daniel A.  ; Hansen, Tim ; Kreuzer, Edwin 
3Sep-2020HippoCampusX-A Hydrobatic Open-source Micro AUV for Confined EnvironmentsChapter/Article (Proceedings)Dücker, Daniel-André  ; Bauschmann, Nathalie ; Hansen, Tim ; Kreuzer, Edwin ; Seifried, Robert  
4Sep-2020Micro AUV Localization for Agile Navigation with Low-cost Acoustic ModemsChapter/Article (Proceedings)Dücker, Daniel-André  ; Steinmetz, Fabian ; Kreuzer, Edwin ; Renner, Bernd-Christian 
51-Feb-2020Study on the behavior of weakly nonlinear water waves in the presence of random wind forcingArticleDostal, Leo ; Hollm, Marten  ; Kreuzer, Edwin 
6Nov-2019Towards an Open-Source Micro Robot Oceanarium: A Low-Cost, Modular, and Mobile Underwater Motion-Capture SystemChapter/Article (Proceedings)Dücker, Daniel-André  ; Eusemann, Kevin ; Kreuzer, Edwin 
7Jun-2019Towards reinforcement learning-based control of an energy harvesting pendulumChapter/Article (Proceedings)Cyr, Caralyn ; Dostal, Leo ; Dücker, Daniel-André  ; Kreuzer, Edwin 
86-May-2019Fulltext availableOpen AccessLearning environmental field exploration with computationally constrained underwater robots : Gaussian processes meet stochastic optimal controlArticleDücker, Daniel-André  ; Geist, Andreas René ; Kreuzer, Edwin ; Solowjow, Eugen 
91-May-2019An adaptive fuzzy sliding mode controller for uncertain underactuated mechanical systemsArticleBessa, Wallace Moreira ; Otto, Svenja  ; Kreuzer, Edwin ; Seifried, Robert  
10May-2019An integrated approach to navigation and control in micro underwater robotics using radio-frequency localizationChapter/Article (Proceedings)Dücker, Daniel-André  ; Johannink, Tobias ; Kreuzer, Edwin ; Rausch, Viktor ; Solowjow, Eugen 
1130-Dec-2018Fulltext availableOpen AccessA biologically inspired framework for the intelligent control of mechatronic systems and its application to a micro diving agentArticleBessa, Wallace Moreira ; Brinkmann, Gerrit ; Dücker, Daniel-André  ; Kreuzer, Edwin ; Solowjow, Eugen 
1217-Dec-2018Parameter Identification for Micro Underwater VehiclesChapter/Article (Proceedings)Dücker, Daniel-André  ; Kreuzer, Edwin ; Maerker, Gunnar ; Solowjow, Eugen 
1310-Sep-2018Micro underwater vehicle hydrobatics: A submerged furuta pendulumChapter/Article (Proceedings)Dücker, Daniel-André  ; Hackbarth, Axel ; Johannink, Tobias ; Kreuzer, Edwin ; Solowjow, Eugen 
1410-Sep-2018Reinforcement learning of depth stabilization with a micro diving agentChapter/Article (Proceedings)Brinkmann, Gerrit ; Bessa, Wallace Moreira ; Dücker, Daniel-André  ; Kreuzer, Edwin ; Solowjow, Eugen 
151-Apr-2018Learning environmental fields with micro underwater vehicles: a path integral—Gaussian Markov random field approachArticleKreuzer, Edwin ; Solowjow, Eugen 
16Mar-2018Pendulum energy converter excited by random loadsArticleDostal, Leo ; Korner, Kevin ; Kreuzer, Edwin ; Yurchenko, Daniil 
1713-Dec-2017Low-cost monocular localization with active markers for micro autonomous underwater vehiclesChapter/Article (Proceedings)Buchan, Austin D. ; Solowjow, Eugen ; Dücker, Daniel-André  ; Kreuzer, Edwin 
1814-Nov-2017Data collection for robust end-to-end lateral vehicle controlChapter/Article (Proceedings)Geist, Andreas René ; Hansen, Andreas ; Solowjow, Eugen ; Yang, Shun ; Kreuzer, Edwin 
1914-Nov-2017A data-driven exploratory approach for level curve estimation with autonomous underwater agentsChapter/Article (Proceedings)Lin, Hsien Chung ; Solowjow, Eugen ; Tomizuka, Masayoshi ; Kreuzer, Edwin 
209-Jun-2017Design and adaptive depth control of a micro diving agentArticleBessa, Wallace Moreira ; Kreuzer, Edwin ; Lange, Johann ; Pick, Marc-André ; Solowjow, Eugen