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11-Mar-2023Impaction procedure influences primary stability of acetabular press-fit componentsArticleRuhr, Miriam ; Huber, Gerd ; Niki, Yasaman ; Lohner, Larissa ; Ondruschka, Benjamin ; Morlock, Michael 
224-Feb-2023Patient-specific miniplates versus patient-specific reconstruction plate: a biomechanical comparison with 3D-printed plates in mandibular reconstructionArticleSteffen, Claudius ; Sellenschloh, Kay ; Willsch, Magdalena ; Soares, Ana Prates ; Morlock, Michael ; Heiland, Max ; Kreutzer, Kilian ; Huber, Gerd ; Rendenbach, Carsten 
312-Jan-2023Standard- und Spezialinlays in primärer Hüftendoprothetik : Aktuelle Studien- und Umfrageergebnisse aus dem Endoprothesenregister Deutschland (EPRD)ArticleKrull, Paula ; Steinbrück, Arnd ; Grimberg, Alexander W. ; Melsheimer, Oliver ; Morlock, Michael ; Perka, Carsten 
412-Nov-2022Fulltext availableOpen AccessInfluence of bone morphology and femur preparation method on the primary stability of hip revision stemsArticleKonow, Tobias ; Schlieker, Peter ; Lampe, Frank ; Ondruschka, Benjamin ; Morlock, Michael ; Huber, Gerd 
5Sep-2022Fulltext availableOpen AccessInfluence of acetabular cup thickness on seating and primary stability in total hip arthroplastyArticleRuhr, Miriam ; Bätz, Johanna ; Püschel, Klaus ; Morlock, Michael 
61-Jul-2022Modified acetabular component liner designs are not superior to standard liners at reducing the risk of revision : an analysis of 151,096 cementless total hip arthroplasties from the German Arthroplasty RegistryArticleKrull, Paula ; Steinbrück, Arnd ; Grimberg, Alexander W. ; Melsheimer, Oliver ; Morlock, Michael ; Perka, Carsten 
71-Jun-2022Densification of cancellous bone with autologous particles can enhance the primary stability of uncemented implants by increasing the interface friction coefficientArticleZobel, Sebastian Manuel ; Ruhr, Miriam ; Neumann, Fenna ; Huber, Gerd ; Morlock, Michael 
831-May-2022Fulltext availableOpen AccessExplant analysis and implant registries are both needed to further improve patient safetyArticleMorlock, Michael ; Gomez-Barrena, Enrique ; Wirtz, Dieter Christian ; Hart, Alister ; Kretzer, Jan Philippe 
9Apr-2022Which length should the neck segment of modular revision stems have?ArticleHuber, Gerd ; Morlock, Michael 
1022-Mar-2022Fulltext availableOpen AccessAcromioclavicular joint suture button repair leads to coracoclavicular tunnel wideningArticleNtalos, Dimitris ; Huber, Gerd ; Wichern, Y. ; Sellenschloh, Kay ; Püschel, Klaus ; Mader, Konrad ; Morlock, Michael ; Frosch, Karl-Heinz ; Klatte, Till Orla 
1120-Jan-2022Fulltext availableOpen AccessVariability in femoral preparation and implantation between surgeons using manual and powered impaction in total hip arthroplastyArticleKonow, Tobias ; Bätz, Johanna ; Beverland, David E. ; Board, Tim N. ; Lampe, Frank ; Püschel, Klaus ; Morlock, Michael 
127-Oct-2021Fulltext availableOpen AccessOsteolysis following PE wear of a Hastings head on a monoblock hip stemArticleFischer, Sarah ; Polster, Valerie-Sophie Amber ; Ruhr, Miriam ; Hube, Robert ; Morlock, Michael 
13Sep-2021Experimental validation of the abrasive wear stage of the gross taper failure mechanism in total hip arthroplastyArticlePolster, Valerie-Sophie Amber ; Fischer, Sarah ; Steffens, Jason ; Morlock, Michael ; Kaddick, Christian 
14Sep-2021Fulltext availableOpen AccessLag-screw osteosynthesis in thoracolumbar pincer fracturesArticleAuerswald, Marc ; Messer-Hannemann, Philipp ; Sellenschloh, Kay ; Wahlefeld, Jan ; Püschel, Klaus ; Hirschfeld Araujo, Sven ; Morlock, Michael ; Schulz, Arndt Peter ; Huber, Gerd 
15Aug-2021Impact of Screw Diameter on Pedicle Screw Fatigue Strength - A Biomechanical EvaluationArticleViezens, Lennart ; Sellenschloh, Kay ; Püschel, Klaus ; Morlock, Michael ; Lehmann, Wolfgang ; Huber, Gerd ; Weiser, Lukas 
16Jul-2021Fulltext availableOpen AccessAll-suture anchor pullout results in decreased bone damage and depends on cortical thicknessArticleNtalos, Dimitris ; Huber, Gerd ; Sellenschloh, Kay ; Saito, Hiroaki ; Püschel, Klaus ; Morlock, Michael ; Frosch, Karl-Heinz ; Klatte, Till Orla 
17Jun-2021Fulltext availableOpen AccessRescue augmentation: increased stability in augmentation after initial loosening of pedicle screwsArticleWeiser, Lukas ; Huber, Gerd ; Sellenschloh, Kay ; Püschel, Klaus ; Morlock, Michael ; Viezens, Lennart ; Lehmann, Wolfgang 
181-Apr-2021Factors influencing periprosthetic femoral fracture riskArticleKonow, Tobias ; Bätz, Johanna ; Melsheimer, Oliver ; Grimberg, Alexander W. ; Morlock, Michael 
19Mar-2021Fulltext availableOpen AccessAutomated age estimation of young individuals based on 3D knee MRI using deep learningArticleAuf der Mauer, Markus ; Jopp-van Well, Eilin ; Herrmann, Jochen ; Groth, Michael ; Morlock, Michael ; Maas, Rainer ; Säring, Dennis 
20Feb-2021Biomechanical analysis of anterior pelvic ring fractures with intact peripelvic soft tissues: a cadaveric studyArticleFensky, Florian ; Weiser, Lukas ; Sellenschloh, Kay ; Vollmer, Matthias ; Hartel, Maximilian ; Morlock, Michael ; Püschel, Klaus ; Rueger, Johannes M. ; Lehmann, Wolfgang