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120-Dec-2022Fulltext availableOpen AccessA semi-automated approach for requirement-based early validation of flight control platformsArticleChrysalidis, Philipp ; Höber, Hauke ; Thielecke, Frank 
2Oct-2022Stochastic Scenario Exploration with Constrained Parameters for Aircraft System Virtual TestingChapter/Article (Proceedings)Hillig, Dennis ; Thielecke, Frank 
3Sep-2022Testing of High-Lift System Functions with a Distributed Avionics Test BenchChapter/Article (Proceedings)Chrysalidis, Philipp ; Halle, Martin  ; Thielecke, Frank 
4Sep-2022A Model-Based Approach for Early and Continuous Validation of Avionics Platforms up to Virtual Products and Hybrid PlatformsChapter/Article (Proceedings)Abdo, Kamiran  ; Bröhan, Jasmin  ; Thielecke, Frank 
5Sep-2022Spatially Distributed Testing in Avionics: Setup, Experiences and Performance AssessmentChapter/Article (Proceedings)Halle, Martin  ; Chrysalidis, Philipp ; Thielecke, Frank 
6Sep-2022Validation of a hybrid loads observer for a subscale test aircraft with distributed electric propulsionChapter/Article (Proceedings)Luderer, Oliver ; Thielecke, Frank 
7Sep-2022Development of a high efficient hydraulic power packChapter/Article (Proceedings)Lima, L. ; Duval, Marcelo ; Zantner, T. ; Metzler, Dirk ; Lammering, Tim ; Thielecke, Frank ; Trochelmann, Nils ; Bischof, Phillip 
8Sep-2022Assessment of an auto-routing method for topology generation of aircraft power supply systemsConference Paper (not in Proceedings)Bielsky, Thimo  ; Külper, Nils  ; Thielecke, Frank 
9Sep-2022Systems architecting assistant (SArA) : enabling a seamless process chain from requirements to overall systems designChapter/Article (Proceedings)Külper, Nils  ; Bröhan, Jasmin  ; Bielsky, Thimo  ; Thielecke, Frank 
10Jul-2022A design methodology for robust model-based fault diagnosis schemes and its application to an aircraft hydraulic power packageChapter/Article (Proceedings)Mardt, Felix ; Bischof, Phillip ; Thielecke, Frank 
11Jul-2022Online flow estimation for condition monitoring of pumps in aircraft hydraulicsChapter/Article (Proceedings)Bischof, Phillip ; Thielecke, Frank ; Metzler, Dirk 
12Jul-2022Integration of a Cooling System Architecture with a Skin Heat Exchanger for High Thermal Loads in Full Cell Powered AircraftChapter/Article (Proceedings)Schäfer, Saija ; Quaium, Farid ; Muhsal, Nick ; Speerforck, Arne ; Thielecke, Frank ; Becker, Christian  
13Jun-2022Overall Systems Design Method for Evaluation of Electro-Hydraulic Power Supply Concepts for Modern Mid-Range AircraftChapter/Article (Proceedings)Jünemann, Marc ; Bielsky, Thimo  ; Kriewall, Vivian ; Thielecke, Frank 
14May-2022System identification of a nonlinear UAV model with distributed aerodynamics and flexible structureChapter/Article (Proceedings)Herrmann, Benjamin  ; Theis, Julian  ; Thielecke, Frank 
15Jan-2022Load factor control of a scaled flight test vehicle using nonlinear dynamic inversionChapter/Article (Proceedings)Hastedt, Philipp ; Theis, Julian  ; Sedlmair, Nicolas ; Thielecke, Frank 
162022Flight testing automatic landing control for unmanned aircraft including curved approachesArticleSedlmair, Nicolas ; Theis, Julian  ; Thielecke, Frank 
17Oct-2021Integrating multi-/many-cores in avionics: Open issues and future conceptsChapter/Article (Proceedings)Christmann, Anika ; Kostrzewa, Adam ; Ernst, Rolf ; Rockschies, Marius  ; Halle, Martin  ; Thielecke, Frank ; Peuker, Alexander ; Kuzolap, Alexander ; Steen, Meiko ; Hecker, Peter ; Nessitt, Kai-Frederik ; Saidi, Selma 
18Oct-2021Avionics Next-Gen Engineering Tools (AvioNET): Experiences With Highly Automised and Digital Processes for Avionics Platform DevelopmentChapter/Article (Proceedings)Halle, Martin  ; Thielecke, Frank 
19Sep-2021Validation of an Aerodynamic Model for the Analysis of Subscale Test Aircraft with Distributed Electrical PropulsionChapter/Article (Proceedings)Luderer, Oliver ; Jünemann, Marc ; Thielecke, Frank 
20Sep-2021Comparison of electro-hydraulic and electro-mechanic landing gear actuation for light VTOL aircraftPresentationSpringmann, Raphael ; Thielecke, Frank