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11-Jul-2021Life time prediction of self-supporting flame-sprayed alumina-rich coatingsArticleNeumann, Marc ; Gehre, Patrick ; Nwokoye, Rapuruchukwu Ifeyinwa ; Jelitto, Hans ; Schneider, Gerold A. ; Aneziris, Christos G. 
2May-2021Effect of deproteinization treatments on the structure and mechanical properties of dental enamelArticleKoldehoff, Jasmin ; Schneider, Gerold A. 
322-Mar-2021Fulltext availableOpen AccessDeformation behavior of cross-linked supercrystalline nanocomposites: an in situ SAXS/WAXS study during uniaxial compressionArticleGiuntini, Diletta ; Davydok, Anton ; Blankenburg, Malte ; Domènech Garcia, Berta ; Bor, Büsra ; Li, Mingjing ; Scheider, Ingo ; Krywka, Christina ; Müller, Martin ; Schneider, Gerold A. 
410-Mar-2021Fulltext availableOpen AccessDirect writing of colloidal suspensions onto inclined surfaces: optimizing dispense volume for homogeneous structuresArticleWinhard, Benedikt ; Haugg, Stefanie ; Blick, Robert H. ; Schneider, Gerold A. ; Pagnan Furlan, Kaline 
52-Feb-2021Fulltext availableOpen AccessInfluence of the experimental set-up and voltage ramp on the dielectric breakdown strength and breakdown site in borosilicate glassArticleFischer, Pia-Kristina ; Schneider, Gerold A. 
66-Jan-2021Fulltext availableOpen AccessDefects and plasticity in ultrastrong supercrystalline nanocompositesArticleGiuntini, Diletta ; Zhao, Shiteng ; Krekeler, Tobias ; Li, Mingjing ; Blankenburg, Malte ; Bor, Büsra ; Schaan, Gunnar ; Domènech Garcia, Berta ; Müller, Martin ; Scheider, Ingo ; Ritter, Martin  ; Schneider, Gerold A. 
719-Nov-2020Fulltext availableOpen AccessControlling the large-scale fabrication of supraparticlesArticlePlunkett, Alexander ; Eldridge, Catriona ; Schneider, Gerold A. ; Domènech Garcia, Berta 
819-Oct-2020Fulltext availableOpen AccessMapping the mechanical properties of hierarchical supercrystalline ceramic-organic nanocompositesArticleBor, Büsra ; Heilmann, Lydia ; Domènech, Berta ; Kampferbeck, Michael ; Vossmeyer, Tobias ; Weller, Horst ; Schneider, Gerold A. ; Giuntini, Diletta 
929-Sep-2020Fulltext availableOpen AccessUltra-thin and ultra-strong organic interphase in nanocomposites with supercrystalline particle arrangement : mechanical behavior identification via multiscale numerical modelingArticleLi, Mingjing ; Scheider, Ingo ; Bor, Büsra ; Domènech Garcia, Berta ; Schneider, Gerold A. ; Giuntini, Diletta 
10Aug-2020Extended cubic fracture model for porous materials and the dependence of the fracture toughness on the pore sizeArticleJelitto, Hans ; Schneider, Gerold A. 
111-Jun-2020Crack propagation behaviour of carbon free and carbon bonded alumina based filter materialsArticleNeumann, Marc ; Wetzig, Tony ; Fruhstorfer, Jens ; Lampert, Vicky ; Jelitto, Hans ; Schneider, Gerold A. ; Aneziris, Christos G. 
1212-May-2020Fulltext availableOpen AccessA combined compression and indentation study of mechanical metamaterials based on inverse opal coatingsArticleRosário, Jefferson J. do ; Häntsch, Quynh Yen ; Schneider, Gerold A. ; Lilleodden, Erica 
1329-Apr-2020Fulltext availableOpen AccessStrong macroscale supercrystalline structures by 3D printing combined with self-assembly of ceramic functionalized nanoparticlesArticleDomènech Garcia, Berta ; Tan, Alvin T. L. ; Jelitto, Hans ; Zegarra Berodt, Eduardo ; Blankenburg, Malte ; Focke, Oliver ; Cann, Jaclyn ; Cem Tasan, Cemal ; Colombi Ciacchi, Lucio ; Müller, Martin ; Pagnan Furlan, Kaline ; Hart, A. John ; Schneider, Gerold A. 
1428-Apr-2020Fulltext availableOpen AccessFabrication of highly filled composites with an innovative miniaturized spouted bedArticleRothberg, Hannah Sophia ; Pietsch, Swantje  ; Schneider, Gerold A. ; Heinrich, Stefan 
151-Mar-2020The geometrical structure of interfaces in dental enamel: A FIB-STEM investigationArticleKoldehoff, Jasmin ; Swain, Michael V. ; Schneider, Gerold A. 
163-Oct-2019Modulating the mechanical properties of supercrystalline nanocomposite materials via solvent-ligand interactionsArticleDomènech Garcia, Berta ; Plunkett, Alexander ; Kampferbeck, Michael ; Blankenburg, Malte ; Bor, Büsra ; Giuntini, Diletta ; Krekeler, Tobias ; Wagstaffe, Michael ; Noei, Heshmat ; Stierle, Andreas ; Ritter, Martin  ; Müller, Martin ; Vossmeyer, Tobias ; Weller, Horst ; Schneider, Gerold A. 
171-Sep-2019YSZ Hollow Sphere Photonic Glasses: Tailoring Optical Properties for Highly Saturated Non-Iridescent Structural ColorationArticleHäntsch, Quynh Yen ; Shang, Guoliang ; Petrov, Alexander  ; Eich, Manfred ; Schneider, Gerold A. 
182-Jul-2019Fulltext availableOpen AccessIron oxide-based nanostructured ceramics with tailored magnetic and mechanical properties: Development of mechanically robust, bulk superparamagnetic materialsArticleGiuntini, Diletta ; Torresani, Elisa ; Chan, Kyle T. ; Blankenburg, Malte ; Saviot, Lucien ; Bor, Büsra ; Domènech Garcia, Berta ; Shachar, Meir ; Müller, Martin ; Olevsky, Eugene A. ; Garay, Javier E. ; Schneider, Gerold A. 
1919-May-2019Room temperature R-curve and stable crack growth behaviour of ZrB2–SiC ceramic compositesArticleLugovy, Mykola ; Orlovskaya, Nina A. ; Neumann, Marc ; Aneziris, Christos G. ; Jelitto, Hans ; Schneider, Gerold A. ; Kuebler, Jakob 
20May-2019Stable crack propagation in free standing thermal sprayed Al2O3 and Al2 O3 [sbnd]ZrO 2[sbnd]TiO2 coatingsArticleNeumann, Marc ; Gehre, Patrick ; Kuebler, Jakob ; Dadivanyan, Natalia ; Jelitto, Hans ; Schneider, Gerold A. ; Aneziris, Christos G.