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122-Sep-2021Optimization of container transportation in port hinterland with trucks : approaches to cooperationPresentationRückert, Nicolas  ; Fischer, Kathrin  ; Reinecke, Pauline ; Wrona, Thomas 
21-Sep-2021Optimization of Container Transportation in Port Hinterland with TrucksPresentationRückert, Nicolas  ; Fischer, Kathrin  ; Reinecke, Pauline ; Wrona, Thomas 
32021Meaning dynamics of emerging technologies : how technologies come into being in contested discoursesChapter/Article (Proceedings)Reinecke, Pauline ; Wrona, Thomas 
4Nov-2020Discourses as macro-environments of international business : a comparative study on interpretive frames of Big Data & analytics in Germany and ChinaPresentationReinecke, Pauline ; Wrona, Thomas 
5Sep-2020Technology frames as multi-level arrangements : Big Data & analytics as discursive construction - conference presentationPresentationReinecke, Pauline Charlotte ; Wrona, Thomas 
6Aug-2020Technology frames as multi-level arrangements : Big Data & analytics as discursive constructionChapter/Article (Proceedings)Reinecke, Pauline Charlotte ; Wrona, Thomas 
73-Mar-2020“I Thought It Was Just About Technology.” – A Discourse-Analytical Reconstruction of The Images of Big Data & Analytics in Business MagazinesPresentationReinecke, Pauline ; Wrona, Thomas 
8Mar-2020“I thought it was just about technology.” : a discourse-analytical reconstruction of the images of Big Data & analytics in business magazinesChapter/Article (Proceedings)Wrona, Thomas ; Reinecke, Pauline Charlotte 
92020Strategy in discovery mode : wie Big Data & Analytics strategisches Denken verdrängen kannArticleWrona, Thomas ; Reinecke, Pauline 
102020Wandel und Veränderung durch und für BeraterChapter (Book)Wrona, Thomas ; Reinecke, Pauline 
112020InternationalisierungChapter (Book)Bamberger, Ingolf ; Wrona, Thomas ; Zapf, Alice Katharina 
122020Business analytics for cooperation in maritime logistics : a mixed methods research approachChapter/Article (Proceedings)Reinecke, Pauline Charlotte ; Rückert, Nicolas  ; Fischer, Kathrin  ; Wrona, Thomas 
132019Fulltext availableOpen AccessThe “dark side” of big data analytics : uncovering path dependency risks of big data analytics investmentsChapter/Article (Proceedings)Wrona, Thomas ; Reinecke, Pauline 
142019Wie strategisch sind Algorithmen? : Die Rolle von Big Data und Analytics im Rahmen strategischer EntscheidungsprozesseWrona, Thomas ; Reinecke, Pauline 
151-Feb-2018Nonmarket strategy research: systematic literature review and future directionsArticleWrona, Thomas ; Sinzig, Corinna 
162018Theoretisches Vorwissen in der Qualitativen Fallstudienforschung : Offenheitsbedrohung oder wissenschaftlicher Fortschritt?ArticleWrona, Thomas 
171-Oct-2016The one who sees more is more right: how theory enhances the ‘repertoire to interpret’ in qualitative case study researchArticleWrona, Thomas ; Gunnesch, Markus 
1816-Feb-2015Studying strategy formation in small companies – a cognitive perspectiveArticleWrona, Thomas ; Ladwig, Tina Jessica  
1916-Aug-2013Socio-cognitive processes in strategy formation : a conceptual frameworkArticleWrona, Thomas ; Ladwig, Tina Jessica  ; Gunnesch, Markus