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Issue DateTitleTypeAuthor(s)
1Nov-2021Computational study of the geometric properties governing the linear mechanical behavior of fiber networksArticleDavoodi Kermani, Iman ; Schmitter, Maximilian ; Eichinger, Jonas ; Aydin, Roland C. ; Cyron, Christian J. 
27-Sep-2021Fulltext availableOpen AccessNeural network surgery: combining training with topology optimizationArticleSchiessler, Elisabeth J. ; Aydin, Roland C. ; Linka, Kevin ; Cyron, Christian J. 
325-Jun-2021Fulltext availableOpen AccessA computational framework for modeling cell–matrix interactions in soft biological tissuesArticleEichinger, Jonas ; Grill, Maximilian ; Davoodi Kermani, Iman ; Aydin, Roland C. ; Wall, Wolfgang A. ; Humphrey, Jay Dowell ; Cyron, Christian J. 
4Apr-2021Machine learning-augmented and microspectroscopy-informed multiparametric MRI for the non-invasive prediction of articular cartilage compositionArticleLinka, Kevin ; Thüring, Johannes ; Rieppo, Lassi ; Aydin, Roland C. ; Cyron, Christian J. ; Kuhl, Christiane ; Merhof, Dorit ; Truhn, Daniel ; Nebelung, Sven 
515-Mar-2021Constitutive artificial neural networks: a fast and general approach to predictive data-driven constitutive modeling by deep learningArticleLinka, Kevin ; Hillgärtner, Markus ; Abdolazizi, Kian Philipp ; Aydin, Roland C. ; Itskov, Mikhail ; Cyron, Christian J. 
68-Mar-2021Fulltext availableOpen AccessMechanical homeostasis in tissue equivalents: a reviewReview (Article)Eichinger, Jonas ; Haeusel, Lea J. ; Paukner, Daniel ; Aydin, Roland C. ; Humphrey, Jay Dowell ; Cyron, Christian J. 
7Jul-2020Computer-controlled biaxial bioreactor for investigating cell-mediated homeostasis in tissue equivalentsArticleEichinger, Jonas F. ; Paukner, Daniel ; Szafron, Jason M. ; Aydin, Roland C. ; Humphrey, Jay Dowell ; Cyron, Christian J. 
815-May-2019Fulltext availableOpen AccessA review of the application of machine learning and data mining approaches in continuum materials mechanicsArticleBock, Frederic E. ; Aydin, Roland C. ; Cyron, Christian J. ; Huber, Norbert ; Kalidindi, Surya R. ; Klusemann, Benjamin 
917-Apr-2019Fulltext availableOpen AccessGeneral multi-fidelity framework for training artificial neural networks with computational modelsArticleAydin, Roland C. ; Braeu, Fabian Albert ; Cyron, Christian J. 
1015-Apr-2019Anisotropic stiffness and tensional homeostasis induce a natural anisotropy of volumetric growth and remodeling in soft biological tissuesArticleBraeu, Fabian Albert ; Aydin, Roland C. ; Cyron, Christian J. 
1127-Feb-2019Fulltext availableOpen AccessMechanics of the stomach: a review of an emerging field of biomechanicsArticleBrandstäter, Sebastian ; Fuchs, Sebastian Leonhard ; Aydin, Roland C. ; Cyron, Christian J. 
122019The accuracy of laser flash analysis explored by finite element method and numerical fittingArticlePhilipp, Alexandra ; Eichinger, Jonas ; Aydin, Roland C. ; Georgiadis, Argyrios ; Cyron, Christian J. ; Retsch, Markus 
131-Dec-2018Fulltext availableOpen AccessComputational model of gastric motility with active-strain electromechanicsArticleBrandstäter, Sebastian ; Gizzi, Alessio ; Fuchs, Sebastian L. ; Gebauer, Amadeus M. ; Aydin, Roland C. ; Cyron, Christian J.