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Issue DateTitleTypeAuthor(s)
1May-2022Finite State Markov Modeling of C-V2X Erasure Links For Performance and Stability Analysis of Platooning ApplicationsChapter/Article (Proceedings)Razzaghpour, Mahdi ; Datar, Adwait ; Schneider, Daniel ; Zaman, Mahdi ; Werner, Herbert ; Frey, Hannes ; Mohammadpour, Javad ; Fallah, Yaser P. 
2Dec-2021Distributed Control of Heterogeneous Networks of Vehicles with Positive Systems Theory and Generalized H₂NormChapter/Article (Proceedings)Datar, Adwait ; Werner, Herbert 
32021Data-driven H∞ optimal controller design using the Koopman operator : case studyChapter/Article (Proceedings)Ganz, Felix ; Datar, Adwait ; Göttsch, Patrick  ; Werner, Herbert 
42021Attitude stabilization of a quadrotor with quaternions within the LPV frameworkChapter/Article (Proceedings)Altalmas, Abdallah T. H. ; Datar, Adwait ; Werner, Herbert 
5May-2020Flocking Towards the Source: Indoor Experiments with QuadrotorsChapter/Article (Proceedings)Datar, Adwait ; Paulsen, Peter ; Werner, Herbert 
62020Fulltext availableOpen AccessFlocking of linear parameter varying agents: source seeking application with underwater vehiclesArticleAttallah, Aly ; Datar, Adwait ; Werner, Herbert 
72020Fulltext availableOpen AccessData-driven quasi-LPV model predictive control using koopman operator techniquesChapter/Article (Proceedings)Cisneros, Pablo S. G. ; Datar, Adwait ; Göttsch, Patrick  ; Werner, Herbert 
82020Distributed Control of Mobile LTI and LPV Agents Using Induced L2 to L∞ NormsChapter/Article (Proceedings)Hespe, Christian  ; Datar, Adwait ; Werner, Herbert 
9Jul-2019Gradient free source-seeking using flocking behaviorChapter/Article (Proceedings)Turgeman, Avi  ; Datar, Adwait ; Werner, Herbert 
1018-Jan-2019Data-Driven Control for a Class of Non-Linear MIMO SystemsChapter/Article (Proceedings)Bakr, Mohamed ; Datar, Adwait ; Gonzalez Alvarez, Alejandro ; Werner, Herbert 
119-Aug-2018Identification of Linear Parameter-Varying Models with Unknown Parameter Dependence Using ϵ-Support Vector RegressionChapter/Article (Proceedings)Datar, Adwait ; Schulz, Erik  ; Werner, Herbert 
129-Aug-2018A Memory Weighted Protocol for Sampled-Data Systems Subjected to Packet DropoutsChapter/Article (Proceedings)Datar, Adwait ; Schneider, Daniel ; Mirali, Furugh ; Werner, Herbert ; Frey, Hannes 
139-Aug-2018Distributed Approach to Dynamic Quantization for Multi-Agent SystemsChapter/Article (Proceedings)Jadhav, Shashank  ; Datar, Adwait ; Werner, Herbert