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Issue DateTitleTypeAuthor(s)
12018Modeling and evaluation of adaptive ad hoc routing in wireless networksThesisAn, Chunlei 
2Dec-2013A novel handover prediction scheme in Content Centric Networking using nonlinear autoregressive exogenous modelChapter/Article (Proceedings)Luo, Yunqi ; Tran, Phuong Nga ; An, Chunlei ; Eymann, Jonas ; Kreft, Lothar ; Timm-Giel, Andreas  
32013Switching of routing algorithms in wireless networks for fire fightingChapter/Article (Proceedings)An, Chunlei ; Luo, Yunqi ; Timm-Giel, Andreas  
43-Sep-2012Automatic handover decision in content centric networkingChapter/Article (Proceedings)Luo, Yunqi ; An, Chunlei ; Eymann, Jonas ; Timm-Giel, Andreas  
53-Sep-2012Adaptive routing in wireless sensor networks for fire fightingChapter/Article (Proceedings)An, Chunlei ; Luo, Yunqi ; Timm-Giel, Andreas  
627-Jul-2012Applying wireless sensor networks in fire fightingChapter/Article (Proceedings)An, Chunlei ; Timm-Giel, Andreas  
71-Dec-2011Resilient data gathering and communication algorithms for emergency scenariosArticleMunaretto, Daniele ; An, Chunlei ; Widmer, Joerg ; Timm-Giel, Andreas  
822-Apr-2011Virtual lifeline: Multimodal sensor data fusion for robust navigation in unknown environmentsArticleWidyawan, Widyawan ; Pirkl, Gerald ; Munaretto, Daniele ; Fischer, Carl ; An, Chunlei ; Lukowicz, Paul ; Klepal, Martin ; Timm-Giel, Andreas  ; Widmer, Jörg ; Pesch, Dirk ; Gellersen, Hans Werner 
91-Nov-2009Performance evaluation of radio disjoint multipath routingArticleKuladinithi, Koojana  ; An, Chunlei ; Timm-Giel, Andreas  ; Görg, Carmelita 
10Sep-2009Dimensioning of the IP-based UTRAN with multiple Node Bs for elastic traffic using DiffServ QoSChapter/Article (Proceedings)Li, Xi ; Chen, Weimin ; Timm-Giel, Andreas  ; Görg, Carmelita ; An, Chunlei ; Bigos, Wojciech ; Klug, Andreas 
11Sep-2009Virtual sensor network lifeline for communications in fire fighting rescue scenariosChapter/Article (Proceedings)An, Chunlei ; Timm-Giel, Andreas  ; Görg, Carmelita 
121-Jan-2009Efficient sensor data gathering and resilient communication for rescue scenariosChapter/Article (Proceedings)Munaretto, Daniele ; An, Chunlei ; Widmer, Jörg ; Timm-Giel, Andreas