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Issue DateTitleTypeAuthor(s)
1Aug-2022Smooth approximations and CSPs over finitely bounded homogeneous structuresChapter/Article (Proceedings)Mottet, Antoine ; Pinsker, Michael 
2Jul-2021New techniques for universality in unambiguous register automataChapter/Article (Proceedings)Czerwiński, Wojciech ; Mottet, Antoine ; Quaas, Karin 
3Jul-2021Smooth approximations and relational width collapsesChapter/Article (Proceedings)Mottet, Antoine ; Nagy, Tomáš ; Pinsker, Michael ; Wrona, Michał 
429-Jun-2021Constraint Satisfaction Problems over Finite StructuresChapter/Article (Proceedings)Barto, Libor ; Demeo, William ; Mottet, Antoine 
5May-2021The Containment Problem for Unambiguous Register Automata and Unambiguous Timed AutomataArticleMottet, Antoine ; Quaas, Karin 
6Mar-2021CORES over RAMSEY STRUCTURESArticleMottet, Antoine ; Pinsker, Michael 
7Jan-2021ω-categorical structures avoiding height 1 identitiesArticleBodirsky, Manuel ; Mottet, Antoine ; Olšák, Miroslav ; Opršal, Jakub ; Pinsker, Michael ; Willard, Ross 
82021A proof of the algebraic tractability conjecture for monotone monadic SNPArticleBodirsky, Manuel ; Madelaine, Florent ; Mottet, Antoine 
9Jul-2020Hrushovski's encoding and ω-categorical CSP monstersChapter/Article (Proceedings)Gillibert, Pierre ; Jonušas, Julius ; Kompatscher, Michael ; Mottet, Antoine ; Pinsker, Michael 
101-Jun-2020Extensions of unificationmodulo ACUIChapter/Article (Proceedings)Baader, Franz ; Marantidis, Pavlos ; Mottet, Antoine ; Okhotin, Alexander 
11Jun-2019Topology is relevant (in a dichotomy conjecture for infinite-domain constraint satisfaction problems)Chapter/Article (Proceedings)Bodirsky, Manuel ; Mottet, Antoine ; Olšák, Miroslav ; Opršal, Jakub ; Pinsker, Michael ; Willard, Ross 
12Mar-2019The containment problem for unambiguous register automataChapter/Article (Proceedings)Mottet, Antoine ; Quaas, Karin 
13Aug-2018The complexity of disjunctive linear diophantine constraintsChapter/Article (Proceedings)Bodirsky, Manuel ; Martin, Barnaby ; Mamino, Marcello ; Mottet, Antoine 
14Jul-2018A universal-algebraic proof of the complexity dichotomy for Monotone Monadic SNPChapter/Article (Proceedings)Bodirsky, Manuel ; Madelaine, Florent ; Mottet, Antoine 
15Jul-2018Classification transfer for qualitative reasoning problemsChapter/Article (Proceedings)Bodirsky, Manuel ; Jonsson, Peter ; Martin, Barnaby ; Mottet, Antoine 
1622-May-2018A dichotomy for first-order reducts of unary structuresArticleBodirsky, Manuel ; Mottet, Antoine 
17Feb-2018Discrete temporal constraint satisfaction problemsChapter/Article (Proceedings)Bodirsky, Manuel ; Martin, Barnaby ; Mottet, Antoine 
18Jul-2016Reducts of finitely bounded homogeneous structures, and lifting tractability from finite-domain constraint satisfactionChapter/Article (Proceedings)Bodirsky, Manuel ; Mottet, Antoine 
191-Apr-2016Distance constraint satisfaction problemsArticleBodirsky, Manuel ; Dalmau, Victor ; Martin, Barnaby ; Mottet, Antoine ; Pinsker, Michael 
20Jul-2015Constraint satisfaction problems over the integers with successorChapter/Article (Proceedings)Bodirsky, Manuel ; Martin, Barnaby ; Mottet, Antoine